Janelle Monae for CoverGirl? Yes Ma'am!

Yeah... CoverGirl wins MAJOR cool points for this one!
Publish date:
August 16, 2012
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I wrote this article like 4, possible 5 years ago...

A few years ago, I interviewed Janelle Monae (just before she went mainstream) for a feature in Giant magazine, and I knew instantly that she'd far exceed everyone's expectations early on. Her voice? Captivating. Her look? Head-turning. Her mentality? Mind-blowing.

At that time she was just in her early twenties, but she already had that little something extra -- that je ne sais quoi that not many recording artists come to the table with.

Yes, her neo-soul, groovy galactic sound doesn't resonate with everyone, but it's refreshing to know that beauty bigwigs still see the value in her -- which I'm guessing is why CoverGirl signed her to front a global cosmetic campaign. I'm absolutely loving this news for three reasons:

1) She represents for everyone who's considered a bit anti.

One time for those of us who dare to push the envelope! Monae's newest gig is a testament to anyone whose look/personal style is considered alternative (read: weird). Her look is anything but typical, what with Colonel Sanders as her style icon (her words, not mine) and her Elvis-inspired pompadour 'do. She's everything that a typical beauty spokesmodel isn't and I'm all about that.

2) She's flat-out stunning.

Just look at her first advertisement -- such velvety skin and doll-like eyes. GET INTO THAT MUG!

Yup. I'm buying WHATEVER she's selling.

3) She's Black.

I hate to even have to go there, but I'll admit it -- I'm all the more happy for her because of it. (Remember how excited we all were when Ellen Degeneres signed on?!) And yes, I know CoverGirl already has Queen Latifah, Sofia Vergara,Dania Ramirez, and Paula Patton on their roster, but women of color are still far underrepresented in comparison to their bottom line. Monae's appointment helps tip the scale.

Now if only they'd sign Nene Leakes, Tamar Braxton, and Honey Boo Boo Child.

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