Beauty Imitates Art: Jackson Pollock Nails

It takes a lot of work to make such a mess.
Publish date:
October 20, 2011
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Jackson Pollock was an influential part of the abstract expressionist movement, but his greatest acheivement was inspiring my nail art.

Just kidding. But hey! His bold, mesmerizing canvases coated in various layers and colours of paint, along with crushed glass at times to give a gorgeous shimmering effect, have inspired many and I'm just one of those dreamy gazer-ons. So now I'm doing some weird nail art in an ode to Mr. P. Cool!

Let's get started ...

Basically all you need for this is muliple bottles of polish in a colour family that pleases you, and a fine tipped paintbrush.

I started by coating my nails in a steely matte gray (A Beautiful Life Brands' "Smoked", $12,, and then while it was still wet I globbed a big drop of matte white polish on top and started swirling it around with my paintbrush. I then proceeded to add different shades of gray, in a matte and then a metallic shade, and then for fun I added a drop of hot pink. Exciting, right? You could do multiple colour combinations with this. It's all about experimenting and kind of making a gross mess.

Let it all dry and apply a top coat and your little work of art will be on display for all to see.

Now, is this completely disgusting looking or something cool? I think it kind of resembles the marble-izing technique that everyone loves but it's a bit more ... edgy? (I hate that word. Nothing I do is edgy! I don't aim for edgy! Whatever! This is abstract expressionism!)

Alternately, if you could have any famous work of art imprinted on the tiny canvases that are your nails, which would you choose? Let's get all ArtForum up in here.