It's Supposedly National Tattoo Day, So Help Me Decide What My Next One Should Be

It might not actually be National Tattoo Day, but I'd like your opinion nonetheless.
Publish date:
July 17, 2014
tattoos, crowdsourcing

Happy National Tattoo Day! Maybe! I received a press release saying that today is the day America honors its inked, but it's entirely possible that it's not actually National Tattoo Day, considering the only proof I found is a Facebook page that hasn’t been updated since 2010, has only 209 likes, and its link to is an unused GoDaddy domain placeholder.

But whatever -- legit or not, it's still a perfectly good excuse to ask you guys your opinion on what tattoo I should get next.

After years of waffling, I got my very first tattoo back in April, and like so many tattooed friends told me I would, I want more. I had the retro robin illustration I got at Hand of Glory in Brooklyn done on my calf partly because I didn't want it to be easily visible to me if I didn't like how it turned out; but I love it, and now I'm ready (when my budget is) to get others in more visible places.

I've narrowed down the ideas for my next tattoo to five things. Give me your input, won't you?

The Letter Z

Z last names run in my family. My grandmother's maiden name started with Z, and my own legal last name (Robin is technically my middle name) starts with Z.

I was thinking of getting a Z as a tribute to my family -- probably on my forearm because, depending on the font, it'll look pretty much the same to both onlookers and myself. I just can't decide if I want it in simple black, or perhaps the letter made up of colorful flowers. (Maybe zinnias to keep with the Z theme? Overkill?)

This Present Raggedy Ann Is Holding

This was my favorite early-childhood book, and I regularly buy additional copies of it when I find ones in great condition on the internet. There's just something about the illustrations that were so magical to me when I was little, and my brain still gets all tingly when I look through the oversized pages.

As a way of celebrating how much I love it, I was thinking of getting the colorful present on the cover somewhere on me. Maybe my forearm; maybe behind a shoulder.

Mrs. Grossman's Classic Bear Sticker

This is another image from my childhood that has always stuck with me. I was a huge sticker collector, like so many '80s kids (Sandylion, Trend -- you name it), and the ones I remember the most clearly and fondly are the simple bears by Mrs. Grossman's.

Sure, a Lisa Frank tattoo would be kind of awesome, but out of my dearly departed sticker collection, I have a really special place in my memory for these bears.

The Phrase "All The Much"

Whether or not this is the next one I get, I will eventually get "all the much" on the back of my neck. When I was little, my parents used to ask me, "How much do I love you?" The correct answer was "All the much."

I think the hardest part about getting this one will be deciding on the font. There are so many options! If my father had even remotely legible handwriting, I'd do that, but considering his response to my first tattoo was "Why?" I doubt he'd want to contribute anyway.


Succulents have always been my favorite plants, more so than any flowers. I know they're kind of trendy now, but I've always been a fan. In middle school, I had a jade plant that I talked to. (I probably shouldn't feel the need to prove what I say with embarrassing examples.)

I think it would be really lovely on a forearm, or even my other calf -- I'm open to location ideas.

Welp, those are the front-runners. Let me know which one you like most, and tell me about any tattoos you're currently considering!