I Am OBSESSED With This Gorgeous 4-in-1 Lip & Cheek Stain

Things are just better in multiples.
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December 2, 2013
lip stain, lipstick, cheek tint

My favorite kind of products are multiples, the ones that multitask to save you time as well as save you room in your pockets or purse. For instance, Stila Convertible Color comes to mind. I just never seem to have enough time to get ready before I leave my apartment, even if “getting ready” only consists of slapping on a moisturizer and eye cream once I hop out of the shower, so it’s nice to be able to use one product a few ways when we’re pressed for time. Things are just better in multiples. See also: orgasms.

If I happen to be wearing anything extra on my face, be it a concealer or mascara or whatever, I rarely have enough room to cart it all around with me all night. And let’s not even get into how I’m not all that eager to have those products with me to do any lengthy touch ups in a dive bar men’s bathroom, but I guess that’s a problem for another article.

Are y’all familiar with IT Cosmetics? They have been slaying me lately. Specifically with their Vitality Flush 4-in-1 Color Reviver Stain for lips and cheeks.

They describe this product as having a “cult-like” following, which is great because I love cults. What is this 4-in-1 exactly? It’s a:

Long-wear Lipstick

Conditioning Balm

Hydrating Gloss

Lip Stain

…all in one stick!

This was originally released solely as a lip product shaped just like a lipstick, but people loved it so much that they started staining their cheeks with it, which lead IT Cosmetics to release a bigger stick so there was more of it to be used all over! I love a company that listens to their customers. Actually, I just like getting what I want.

There are six shades available for lips, and two shades available in the bigger stick for all over. They all apply very easily for a natural flush of color. The shades are buildable, and even at their most layered, they’re not overpowering. Worried you applied too much to your cheeks? Just blend it out. It’s really hard to mess this up.

What sets the Vitality Flush apart from other products is its formula? Many lipsticks have wax or parabens at their base, which effect their wearability and make them dry out and crease. Vitality Flush is made with plum oil, cherry oil, aloe, shea butter, and jojoba that work together to treat and deeply hydrate your lips, and in turn, make the color smooth and very long lasting. Plus, it’s packed with vitamins A, C, and E, and antioxidants like acai, green tea, and white tea, to nourish your skin throughout the day. A little bit goes a long way and it stays where you put it all day long.

I got my hands on “Je Ne Sais Quoi,” the lightest pink, and “Rose Flush,” a berry.

When I first saw Je Ne Sais Quoi, I almost thought it was like, not a color. I thought that since the stick is so sheer, how could it possibly leave any color behind? I wasn’t disappointed. On my cheeks, it gave me just a little natural blush, usually achieved by being trapped in an elevator with an attractive older man and/or after six shots of Jameson. On the lips, it made them look flushed with color without looking like I was wearing too much tinted lip balm. Picture the perfect flushed pink lips post-make out. PICTURE IT.

Rose Flush leaves a nice layer of sheer color that looks almost like a fleshy magenta. (Sorry did you gag at fleshy magenta? Because I did. But wouldn't that be a great name for a band?) It was great on the cheeks too, more apparent than Je Ne Sais Quoi on my pasty skin, but natural and nice nonetheless.

The minute I used the Vitality 4-in-1 on my lips, I knew I was using a good product because it felt different, it felt so good. Super hydrating without being heavy or greasy. Within a couple of days, it had replaced my favorite chapstick and was being carried around in my pocket all day, and soon after, I was using it as a cheek stain.

I wore it all over my damn face last weekend and loved the way it gave me an extra pop of color all night and made me look healthy as opposed to my usual emaciated and buzzed. The flash in the photo below sort of drowns out the actual effect, but trust that my face looked gorgeous as per usual.

Do you guys use IT Cosmetics? I'm obsessed with them right now and their stuff is all over my bathroom counter. Do you guys use cheek stains? Which ones are your favorite? Tell me about your favorite multiples in the comments so I can try all of them. I love you.

Tynan is blushing on Twitter @TynanBuck.