DUMB BLONDE HAIR PROBLEMS: Keep That Shit Shiny, Be Kind to Animals and Fight Brassiness All in One Fell Swoop

I have finally accepted my inner blonde-ness and launched a full frontal assault to make my meticulously highlighted, baby-fine blonde hair the very best it can be.
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July 23, 2012
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You won't see many beauty posts here from me, as my entire makeup routine consists of washing my face with bar soap and slapping on one of the 4 dozen vaguely pink-ish/mauve lipsticks I own. This is partly because my mom banned me from wearing makeup to school during my formative years (6th grade!), and partly because of my total, utter, innate laziness. There are really only about 2 events per year that I crack open the mascara for, so my lone tube of Diorshow should last me until long after my lady parts dry up.

My hair, however, is whole ‘nother story. If you have straight, fine, blonde hair, you are gonna love every word I've written here. I eat potato chips for dinner sometimes, but I take excellent care of my hair. I am absolutely shameless about buying hair products. My dude has had to move his personal toiletries into his office, as I have sucked up every square inch of real estate in the bathroom.

My natural hair color is a pretty light, yet super ashy shade of dark blonde. I have dyed my hair various shades of pink and dark brown over the years, as blonde is my least favorite hair color on me.

Then, then, & now.

I stopped dying my hair pink because it interfered massively with my crazy outfits. I had to stop dying my hair dark brown because the endless blonde roots made me look like I was in a constant state of premature balding. I have finally accepted my inner blonde-ness and launched a full frontal assault to make my highlighted blonde the very best it can be. I am actually considering having “Make Your Blonde The Very Best It Can Be” embroidered on a throw pillow.

I have always loved the "It’s a 10" product line. Someone who dabbles in bleach as much as I do needs to be on top of their emollient game. "It's a 10" has now made their signature leave-in product in a brand new formulation specifically for blondes.

'It's a 10' Miracle Leave In For Blondes, 4 oz, $18.99.

For the record, I bought this product myself with my own money and chose to write about it after using it -- nobody sends me anything for free. I like it like that! This is why my articles are sometimes (read: ALWAYS) completely irrelevant of trends -- it’s all just stuff I happen to dig, baby. My corner of xoJane is basically the personal style blog of an eternal teenager.

The "It's a 10" Miracle Leave-In for Blondes is the same formula as the original "It’s a 10" -- an all-in-one product that protects your hair from heat styling, stops frizzies, provides UV protection, detangles knots, and adds massive shine, all without weighing your hair down. But the blonde formula adds in one very important feature -- a slight violet tint that counteracts brassiness and yellowing -- the twin enemies of blondes everywhere.

My hair is very fine and greasy, and has a tendency to get gunked up with product easily, but this doesn’t cause me any problems. My hair just feels silky smooth and easy to manage. I don't get that terrible rubbery, too-stretchy feeling when combing it out. Anyone who has ever over-processed their hair knows exactly what I mean.

"It’s a 10" is a leave-in conditioner on steroids. Plus it smells delicious! I like products that smell like food, specifically dessert, and the "It's a 10" blonde formula smells like a magical, mystical, hippie cupcake. "It's a 10" also makes a Keratin Plus formula for super dry hair, as well as a Lite formula for those with thin hair, so non-blondes can get in on the action too.

Part of the reason I use almost no beauty products is because I am vehemently against animal testing. It's so pointless and disgusting. I won't buy anything from companies that test on animals, and it's a TON of work to be informed as to who is and isn't testing on animals. It's way easier to be bare faced.

My mom stopped being an Avon lady due to their re-instating animal testing in order to sell their products in China. "It’s a 10" is certified as cruelty free by Leaping Bunny, the very best Internet resource for determining which companies do and do not test on animals. If you write them, they will send you a free pocket sized guide to keep in your wallet so you can make informed purchases.

I wash my hair with Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde shampoo. It's a violet-tinged shampoo, meant for platinum blondes. I am more champagne, so I cut it with a little bit of regular shampoo or my favorite conditioner, Wen. The violet stain is murder on your tub, but it works to fight yellowing and brassiness like nothing else. (Both Wen and Paul Mitchell are cruelty free as well.)

My baby fine hair slips out of anything other than a bobby pin, and anything larger than a simple bobby looks bulky and overpowering when it’s right by my face. I’ve recently invested in some fancy bobby pins to give my dirty-hair day look a bit of a boost.

Clockwise from top left: Cameo bobby pins, set of 2, $10.00. Set of 6 tortoise bobby pins, $3.50. Pearl/filigree bobby pin, $62.00. Doughnut Bobby pins, $8.00, set of 2.

Clockwise from top left: 22K Gold bobby pin, $70.00. Yellow daisy with Swarovski crystals bobby pin, $24.00. Turquoise and coral floral bobby pin, $64.00. Feather and wood bobby pin, $9.00.

Clockwise from left: White diamond bobby pin, $35.00. Victorian gold and turquoise bobby pin, $37.00 Crystal and pearl bobby pin, $45.00.

Of course I couldn't just write a simple post about beauty, I had to shoehorn some fashion in! You're welcome.


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