Is The New Marc Jacobs Beauty Collection Actually PERFECT? Tynan Investigates.

Lower me into my grave because I am dying over this line.
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August 12, 2013
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Find the nearest trash can and throw all of your beauty supplies into it, set it on fire, and walk away. The new Marc Jacobs beauty line is here and it is totally shutting it down.

OK, surprise, I’m being dramatic. But, I was really stoked when Marc Jacobs announced that he was expanding his brand to include a line of cosmetics. I mean, it’s Marc Jacobs! His lines kill it every season, and he each of his new fragrances are more fun than the last. He had set the bar high.

But had he set the bar too high? When I heard his line was compiled of “16 innovative complexion and color cosmetics,” I wondered, was it all a little too ambitious? After all, it's not a collection compiled of simply 16 pieces, that’s 16 different products, foundations, concealers, etc, each of them needing to suit women of every skin color. Then add eyeliner, mascara, lipsticks, even 24 nail colors? Dropping an entire beauty line all at once just seemed like…a lot.

Well I did all that worrying for nothing because the Marc Jacobs beauty line is scarily near perfect. I’m not just saying that either, they didn’t even send me any press samples! Not for my lack of trying…


To save you all from me repeating my self ad nauseam, I’m going to state the three of the really impressive things I noticed about the line as a whole. Whether I was messing around with the foundations, the eyeshadows, or the blushes, all of the products went on as very smoothly. Also, everything is easily buildable, whether it was foundation or color, it all starts off sheer and natural looking, letting enough of your skin show through, and then is builds to whatever opacity or drama you’re trying to achieve. Last, the pigmentation of all of the color products is clinical insanity. A little of these products goes a long way.

I know you can’t just group concealers and color products together like that and describe them as a whole, but with every product I tried out, those are the first things I noticed.


Genius Gel Supercharged Foundation

This gel foundation (gel!) glides on smooth and takes to your skin like it was meant to be there all along, and shocker: It’s actually good for your skin. The foundation is formulated with coconut water (which I’m obsessing over), so it’s hydrating, and anything hydrating is great for long wear. It also includes anti-aging properties and “soft focus powders” which diffuse light for a subtle, glowy effect. If you’re going for a lot of coverage, don’t hesitate to layer this on because it doesn’t look for feel cakey. Genius Gel is available in 16 glorious shades.


Some other face products that you need to check up on are the Perfection Powder Featherweight Foundation, Shameless Bold Blush, and Remedy Concealer Pen (basically Marc’s version of the Touche Éclat pen).

Style Eye-Con Plush Shadow

The shadows are available in palettes of seven colors (No. 7) and three colors (No. 3). When the collection was first announced and the first press photos were released, it was the Plush Shadow No. 7 that really caught everyone’s eye, simply because it was the most aesthetically interesting. It’s one long palette with seven eye colors, which is at once beautiful and kind of an odd way to package makeup. It stands out. The minute you see it, you know that’s Marc Jacobs.

From shimmer, sheen, to matte, the seven colors in each set complement each other perfectly while blending together effortlessly. The shadow is great for a one swipe of sheer color, or building it to enhance the drama, and the color payoff is instant.

Style Eye-Con Plush Shadow No. 7 comes in four stunning color palettes.

Right?!? I think Lolita is my favorite, but that may just be because of this song.

Style Eye-Con Plush Shadow No. 3 houses the same luxe shadows, but in more handbag friendly packs of three. The color choices are still complimentary, but more dramatic. I’m loving these color combos, Rebel and Punk are my favorites.

For your lips, Marc has sheer glosses and full glosses, both called “Lip Vinyls,” but the lip product I am GAGGING over is the Lovemarc Lip Gel.

It’s a “gellified lipstick” that glides on with barely any applied pressure and leaves an eye popping trail of pigment behind. These lip gels are not messing.

The hydrating and moisturizing sticks are formulated with vitamin E and myrrh extracts to keep lips soft during the super long wear, and it’s all perfected with a shiny finish. This product is just another example of how a little bit goes a long way with this line.

And for a fun little extra, the base of the stick and the cap are magnetized, so they POP right back together when you’re done applying. It’s so cute! Also, handy, so you don’t lose the cap after you’ve had one too many glasses (bottles) of champagne!


Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer

Y’all, I’ve all but given up hope on any nail polish that costs over eight dollars. I mean, that’s probably a blatant lie, but damn, every luxe nail polish I try is almost laughable! If I’m paying good money for a bottle of nail polish, the least it could do is like, be usable. Is that too much to ask? The only luxury nail polish that I’ll flirt with is Chanel (and I know you guys have hated on Chanel nail lacquers before, but I love them and so does my hot girlfriend Annie so just give me this.)

Again, I am diverging.

So needless to say, I wasn’t convinced when I heard that Marc was dropping a full 24 shades.

Shame on me.

Everything they say about this nail formula is true. They give you a “plasticized, wet look finish that look like they’ve been finished with 30 layers of topcoat." Truthfully, that last “30 layers” part might be a little much, even for me, but this is some great polish. And the COLORS! Usually luxury nail polish lines are a big snoozefest, but I want like, all of them. My favorites are Ultraviolet, Snap!, and Lux.

And can I just say that I love all of you hotties that swoop into Sephora, do your nails quick and then BOUNCE?! I SEE YOU!!!

Lower me into my grave because I am dying over this line. Have you tried the new Marc Jacobs beauty collection? What are you loving? What do you want to try?

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