Temporarily, that is. I have a weird forehead, you guys.
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June 8, 2012
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As you all may know, or at least those of you in the Northern Hemisphere may know, Summer is upon us. With Summer comes sweat. With sweat comes bobby pins, used to pin my bangs off to the side. With these bobby pins, and their pinning, comes the question of why I bother to deal with my bangs during the Summer months.

The current state of my bangs. Oh my gosh, I look like Paul Dano in "Little Miss Sunshine".

You see, my hair grows really, really fast. In March I had Rooney Mara-esque baby bangs and now, at the beginning of June, they cover my eyeballs. I've had bangs for about 8 years now, and never really let them grow out, despite their speedy abilities. With the aforementioned Summer heat though, they become sort of pointless, hanging there all sticky, stringy and stupid, begging to be pushed out of the way. And so I wonder if I should just grow them out and start wearing, I don't know, some kind of haphazard middle-part?

This photo of L'Officiel Editor-In-Chief Daphné Hezard has me wondering if I should do away with my bangs for Summer. Oh, French women.

I've been trying to decide whether or not I want to trim them back to their usual length (just brushing past my eyebrows) or let the growing continue.

My bangs at their "best". At least Morrissey approves.

So, dear xoJane readers, do you keep your bangs in the Summer, touched up with copious amounts of dry shampoo, or do you let them grow, pin them away? Or are you of the non-fringed league? I want to know your thoughts.

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