I'm Shaving My Head For Charity

I'm hoping I'll look all cool and rebellious and a bit like Sinead O'Connor. ALSO, please sponsor me!
Publish date:
October 31, 2012
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Last year, before it was cool (I'm such a hipster, I know), I shaved the side of my head to give myself a sidecut.

The response I got was almost overwhelmingly positive from girls, but "so you're a full lesbian now?" and "are you having a mental breakdown?" were just some of the questions thrown at me from guys. They just didn't get it.

To them shaving part of your head equalled something crazy - like Britney's 'meltdown' of 2007. To me it was STYLE, man. I was, according to my mum, 'punk'.

Maybe because I grew up with Sinead O'Connor looking beautiful and dramatic on her album covers. Watching G.I.Jane over and over with my best friend where Demi Moore shaving her head (and showing Viggo Mortensen her boobs) seemed to be the ultimate symbol of empowerment.

We both nodded and agreed that shaving your head was clearly the way to go. Ah, the suggestibility of teenage girls.

Time passed. It always remained at the back of my mind. Even as a child, I always had control over my own hair and would suddenly decide to lop bits off and create a new style on a whim.

I never felt happy with it looking the same for long, but I admit, I was too much of a scaredy cat to go the whole hog. Because there is NO GOING BACK.

Once I've shaved my head, I've shaved my head. Even if I don't look cute and instead look like an alien or I have a weird looking lumpy head, I'm stuck with it until it grows.

And I hated my sidecut as it was growing out. I made people swear, if I ever talked about doing it again, to remind me how annoying it is to want to throw your hair into a ponytail but then have these side short bits that stick out (yay, curly hair).

But I think shaving my head has always appealed to me because it seems like an incredible Fuck It moment, the ultimate I Don't Care What You Think I Look Like (although actually I do, I hope you think I look like Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta) moment.

And the answer to all those guys who won't get *why* will be: because I can. I can do whatever I want with my body and my life, and my hair is just a part of that. I don't care if you don't find me attractive because of it - I want to do this for me (but you'll find me attractive anyway, because I'm all cool and rebellious, right, RIGHT?).

So, to force me to take the plunge and pick up the razor I have made it a sponsored shave. The money I raise goes to Mind, a mental health organisation- and it's my little way of saying some things that seem crazy to some are beautiful to others. Please go here to donate. Even if it's only a quid- it all adds up.

And once I reach £500 (or more!) I will shave my head immediately (after trying on all my hairclips for the last time), with pictures or possibly even a video for you to all watch with wide eyed amazement at how much I look like my baby pictures.

If it looks creepy, at least I'll know I made a difference to a charity that does really important work. And I can choose one of these cute Annabelle Wigs to hide my shame and keep me warm over Christmas.

Don't forget to sponsor Hattie! And check out her progress on Twitter @hattichu.