I'm Off For A Bachelorette Weekend In Dublin: Here's What I'm Taking With Me To Minimize The Damage

26 girls, a shit-ton of booze and late nights. HOLD ME.
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May 9, 2013
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At the end of May, my darling friend Hannah is getting married to the also very lovely Ren and I am VERY EXCITED. I bloody love weddings. Weddings are the best! Music, posh dresses, people are always happy and drunk and dancing badly. Plus there is always loads of good food. GOD I AM PREDICTABLE!

I've bought a dress that I am veritably chomping at the bit to wear, and some shoes I won't be able to walk in properly but will look the part for the 10 minutes I'll actually be able to keep them on my feet before giving up and walking barefoot for the rest of the day.


I especially love weddings when you know how much the couple love each other and are best friends. I won't bore you with their back story, but rest assured it is sweet and lovely and romantic, and I am sure Hannah won't mind me telling you that their first date was over a bucket of KFC in our front room (we were housemates). TRUE LOVE!

I've just realized I have ended nearly every sentence so far with a load of CAPS LOCK and I really need to calm down and chill the fuck out. BUT I CAN'T! IT'S ALL TOO EXCITING! OK, I'll stop now.

Before the wedding, there of course needs to be a celebration of sorts for the Stag and Hen, as we call them here. Our Hen (bachelorette) celebration is this weekend, three days in hard drinking Dublin -- with a variety of booze-based activities on the cards. So, this brings me to the point of this here article -- 26 women, three days on the grog and with little sleep -- we are going to need some damage limitation or we'll all look like a bag of crap by the time the wedding rolls around.

Luckily, I am a massive consumer, so I buy everything that I think might help me look younger/fresher/healthier in the face of adversity and will be bringing a load of it with me. Going on a heavy weekend soon? Here's my Hen Party Edit.


I am stashing a load of these in my bag, bra, knickers, in my earholes, etc. When I visited the xoOffices back in March, the heavenly Olivia led me into the staff kitchen and showed me all the cool stuff they get to eat and drink through the day. There was a big basket full of Pink Lemonade Emergen-C, and as the borderline kleptomaniac I am, I took about 20.

As we spent a lot of the time in NYC drunk, Chris and I were really grateful for my grabby hands and stocked up on a box of them to take home before we left. Now I SWEAR BY IT. Brits -- it's like Berocca, but better and without the fluorescent wee.


All the Guinness and Tequila and Brasso and whatever else we'll be chucking down our throats for the next three days will be rotting our insides, so I'm taking loads of Milk Thistle with me. Milk Thistle is a traditional herbal medicinal product which can be used to relieve the symptoms associated with "over indulgence" of food and drink, and is said to help the liver detoxify itself after a particularly gouty weekend. It's probably a load of old shite but I'm bringing it anyway.


I am swearing by this Bobbi Brown Extra Bright Advanced Moisture Lotion at the moment. I have dehydrated skin so I can tend to look a little dull and a bit flakey (ideal combo! Yay!) from time to time. I use this in the morning after cleansing *cough* baby wipe *cough* by popping a bit on a cotton pad and using it like a toner.

It's a really hydrating and refreshing lotion and contains licorice and something they are calling "SuperCitrus Complex -- a brightening mix of vitamin C, citrus unshiu peel extract, grapefruit and lime extract" which soothes irritation and basically makes you look all radiant and stuff. Which I am definitely going to need.


OK, I know this is expensive but I swear down, it's changing my life. The Tom Ford Illuminating Cheek Color in "Guilt" is my everything. It's a twist up blush stick, in the same vein as NARS' famous The Multiple, and gives an amazing radiant glow. It's really pearly and sheer, but gives your skin this amazing illuminated finish. You just swipe it on and blend, and unlike my other favorite glow-maker, NARS Orgasm liquid highlighter, this doesn't budge the makeup underneath. EUGH I just love it. I know it's going to look even better in the summer when I have a little more color. LOVE.


I don't know why, but the scent of this Body Shop Moringa Body Butter really makes me feel less hungover, as tried and tested this weekend just gone. I don't know why, it just does. It smells gorgeous, but it's not too heavy so it won't make me want to puke all over myself after my shower, like some heavy fragrances do.

Plus, it sorted out my scaly legs in time to actually get them out last weekend, when the sun finally decided to turn up. I'm taking the mini version, so that I can pop it in my hand-luggage.


I don't even need a reason.

So, that's a selection of the things I'm going to be hauling around Dublin with me in the vain hope that I won't look like I've just been dug up the whole time. I normally need 10 hours sleep, not even joking.

Have you got any tips on how to survive a bachelorette party? Been on any good ones recently? Or do you despise the very idea of them?

Get at me in the comments, xoBeauties!

Natalie will be live-tweeting her descent into Guinness-fueled madness over at @Natalie_KateM.