Katy loves her foundation, big lashes, thick brows, and bold lips, but it’s nice to see her rocking a clean face with just a bit of color. It’s WORKING.

I can tell you all right now that I am going to be an insufferable mess this fall. Why? Because all of the major pop girls are releasing new music! Gaga and Katy and Britney (and Beyonce?!?!?!), all in the next few months! YAAAS!!! Where will I find the energy to properly stan for all of my favorite ladies? How will you guys deal with my incessant screams of joy every time a popstar tweets? Only time will tell.

I love a pop promo campaign. They’re so exciting! This year, everyone is hustling hard with the album promo. Hey, those albums aren’t going to sell themselves! Katy Perry kicked off her campaign with this GOLD semitruck announcing her album title and release date (someone has been reading my articles.)

Next, she released a 30-second teaser showing her burning the iconic blue wig that she wore during her Teenage Dream era. The little clip kind of just showed up out of nowhere, but I love an unwarranted and dramatic ~statement~, so I was totally on board. Certified Katy Cat.

Then, she released THIS PHOTO:


This is a noticeably more dressed-down beauty look for Katy, a departure from her usual “more is more.” Katy loves her foundation, big lashes, thick brows, and bold lips, but it’s nice to see her rocking a clean face with just a bit of color. It’s WORKING, is it not? The effortless look is no doubt another indication of where her sound is going, darker, edgier, more fun, but I suppose we’ll have to wait to hear her first single “Roar” when it finally drops on August 12th to really know for sure.

SIDENOTE did I tell you guys that I was there when Katy met Russell Brand?! I saw it happen!!! I kind of felt like I introduced them or something! Every time I saw a photo of them together, I was like “Aww, I was there!” And then they got divorced.

Wanna snatch Katy’s look for yourself? So do I. Let’s start with Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation.

Don’t let the nearly barefaced look fool you, Katy loves foundation. If you’re looking for a foundation that gives you full coverage without being cakey, look no further than HD Invisible Cover Foundation. This covers all imperfections while still looking natural, and its flexible formula wears great all day with no flaking or peeling. This liquid foundation is the perfect place to start when you’re trying to accomplish a flawless face a la miss Perry.

Now you gotta get some color on those cheeks. Try Coconut Watercolor Cheek Geleé Josie Maran!

“Cheek Geleé.” Like, now you’re just making up words. Katy isn’t doing too much in terms of color in the photo, but she is serving up just a bit of pink that I’m loving. This is a new little treat from Josie Maran that’s a great alternative to cream blush. The bouncy, jelly-like cheek stain is easily buildable, so it can take you from subtle color to a countered pink cheek in no time! The cheek geleé is 50% coconut water, so it’s insanely hydrating making it great for long wear, and it’s made with argan oil, so it’s fantastic for your skin! What’s not to love?! The color pictured above is Pink Escape.

Now, can we talk about those lips?! Obsessed. Katy’s ultra feminine nude pink lip can easily achieved with the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil from NARS in Bolero.

Bolero is one of those shades that’s like your own lips, but better. Slightly slick this on and blot it down for a bit of pretty, natural looking color, or really commit and go for full opacity. The matte finish pairs beautifully the light pinkish cantaloupe-y shade. You really can’t go wrong with this color.

Now for her hair. Katy’s hair has been almost any color you can imagine, but this color is probably my favorite by far. The deep, ultraviolet color is both eye catching, and in its own way, subtle. I really, really like this look, and I’m thinking about doing the same thing to my hair. I’m totally apprehensive to really make the leap to wild hair again, thinking “What if I have an interview? How am I going to be taken seriously with blue hair?” but come on, it’s 2013. Feel me, or no? Let’s discuss bad ideas in the comments.

Should I do it? You should. And you should use ChromaSilk VIVIDS by Pravana. If you’re looking for wild hair color, THIS is what you need. This is that salon quality hair color for the girls who don’t want to mess around with hair color that fades or dulls. If you’re gonna have crazy looking hair, it better look RIGHT, right?

Pravana is technically only available in salons, but if you’re a ride or die beauty bitch like me, you know that there are ways to get your hands on them yourself (Amazon). If I was going for Katy’s dark purple hair, I’d mix together the blue and purple to get that perfect violet shade, and apply it over hair that hasn’t been lightened. Doing this will achieve a more understated effect. The color won’t totally scream blue, but instead it will be noticeable when light bounces off of it.

Here's a haunting picture from when I was rocking the orange, for some reason.

I also dyed my entire head teal in a frathouse bathroom using Pravana. The color was fantastic but I'm not showing you photos because it was a dark time.

If you want to smell like Katy, and why wouldn’t you, then grab her newest fragrance Killer Queen.

Wait. That bottle. It looks like a big fat jewel and even comes with its own pedestal! I wish I came with my own pedestal. It also kind of resembles the bottle of magical youth serum that Isabelle Rossellini sells Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her.

SO. The top notes are wild berries and plum, the heart is pretty floral with jasmine and plumeria, and the base is anchored by patchouli and praline! It’s not anything groundbreaking, it’s a popstar fragrance, but it’s cute and girly and fun, which is all that matters.

Are you loving Katy's easy breezy pop-punk beauty look as much as I am? Are you excited for her new music? And be real, is geleé even a word? Let's talk in the comments!

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