Screw It: I’m Not Waiting Until Fall To Try This Dramatic Makeup Look

Patience is overrated.

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I know everyone is pissing and moaning about how winter is the worst (it's up there with hangnails, people), and how summer can't get here soon enough. I’ve seen white jeans and crop tops worn in protest.

But me? I love spring. It’s like Fall 2: The Reckoning. All of the adorable outfits you’d put together for fall can be worn even better than the first time. It’s windy and rainy, but the sun reflects like crazy off the snow, making everyone look like they wintered in the Alps. It’s like fall without pumpkin-flavored everything being force-fed down our gullets.

In the North (I live in Alaska), spring isn’t nearly as in-your-face colorful, and I wear a lot more muted looks than those than grace the runways. I find myself pining for the darker, impish looks of fall. And the Libertine runway show just did it so well, that I keep coming back to that as my Spring-spiration. Gross. I just did that with words.

The brand's makeup and hair looks for fall are, in a word, perfect: tousled hair that's just made for knit hats and ethereal cateyes and defined brows. My favorite part? It's simple to recreate.


I started with a clean face. When I’m using kohl around my eyes, I’ll often put on any foundation or concealer AFTER I apply it. I know it seems backward and nutty, but I love the look of kohl and don’t want to chance accidentally blending it with the inevitable stray powder that lands under my eyes. I can also “cut in,” to use a painting term, around the makeup, the same way you would around brows, to make it all look cleaner.

I used Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid liner to get a dramatic cateye. I love the shape of the brush, as it’s great for tight-lining the inside of my upper eyelid; I’ll just hold my lashes up, and dab the rim underneath. I flick the line out at about a 30-degree angle, to get the maximum feline look.

Next, I trace over the liner with Max Factor Vivid Impacts Eyeshadow Duo in Domino Effect. I know Max Factor can be tough to get hold of in the ol’ US of A, but I love it and use it frequently. It blends well, stays forever, and has a subtle shimmer that just works.

After blending the dark shadow up to the crease, I line my lower lash line with the white side of the duo. Libertine’s look included highlighted corners and brows -- it balances out the cat eye nicely.

To shape my brows, I simply brush the hairs straight up with a clean spoolie and some hairspray. I prefer it to brow gel because I find that most brow gels flake quickly under the might of my righteous Scottish brows.

Now I’ll clean up all the lines, blend one last time, and apply whatever concealer and foundation I need, as well as a quick swipe of Rimmel Volume Flash Scandaleyes mascara.


I love a deep side part, and, oh, I was willing to go all the way. I parted my hair at the outside corner of my eye. Don’t stop until you look like Prince Charles. To get the tousled look, I scrunched some Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Finishing Spray onto my dry hair, and, well, tousled it.

For the faux bob, I'll secure my hair in a ponytail, about four inches from the ends. Then I roll the hair under, tucking and pinning the ends in as needed. I used about four pins, then finished it with a bit of fluffing and a final swish of hairspray.

It’s really weird having a bob! I’ve never had one, and I’m not a fan of how it looks on me. But the eyes, especially the brows, I plan on doing more this spring. What's inspiring you these days?