I'm Fighting My Dry Skin And Bad Attitude With These Lush Holiday Exclusives

But I’m not making this article a holiday thing.
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November 13, 2013
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Wanna hang out in my bathroom and talk about all my fun new beauty products? GOOD, because I do too.

I don’t know about where you are, but here in Madison, the temperature just took a nosedive and it is FRIGID out there! I say that knowing it will get worse. That -- in only a few months -- I will look back wistfully at these twenty degree nights, longing for their return as I sit huddled in my igloo of shame. But for now, I’m not having it.

I woke up on Monday morning, all curled up warm and serene in my bed, and as I rolled over and glanced out my window, ready to greet the day with open arms, I saw a BLIZZARD staring back at me. NOOOOO. Snow just pounding itself down from the heavens. Pair that with the $150 parking ticket I got the minute I left my apartment, my week was not off to a good start.

But the worst part of this whole situation is that since the weather has swan dived, my skin has dried out and itches like crazy all the time, which is probably the farthest thing from chic. The skin on my legs and my stomach, and let’s not even mention my knuckles. I’m a mess.

It’s a good thing that I’ve recently gotten my hands on a few items that are exclusive to Lush’s holiday collection. They’re all doing my skin some major good. And no, I’m not making this article a holiday thing, so don't start with the holiday hatred. I’m merely saying that these items are seasonal exclusives and that season just so happens to fall over the holidays, OKAY?

I mean, it’s also totally a holiday collection, but it rocks and that’s all that matters.

First we have “CELEBRATE” body lotion.

I LOVE Lush body lotions! I love that the texture of each of them is different, depending on what they’re made with. I love that each one feels a little different on my skin. And most of all, I LOVE the way they smell. Celebrate is everything I love about Lush squished into one pot (oh, I love the pots, too.)

Made with almond oil and cocoa butter, the texture of the lotion is amazing. It’s thick with a nice body to it, so much so that it reminds me of Boston cream pie filling (VOM) but in a good way. It’s creamy enough to rub in and still be super lightweight on your skin. There’s nothing worse than a heavy lotion, no? And the scent. THE SCENT.

With a blend of orange flower, lime, and cognac oil, the champagne fragrance is perfect for the holiday season and New Year’s Eve, while being citrusy enough to bring you through the winter all the way to next summer.

I can’t get enough of Celebrate. I’m obsessed with how it feels and how it smells, and the fact that it’s only on shelves for a couple of months makes me desperate to hoard all of it that I can.

Next is the Lush’s Randy Buttercream soap.

This is a hard soap that was previously available in cubes, and is now available in a little pot. Unscrew the lid, and you’re greeted with the scent of brandy, cocoa, and rum. It’s sweet, tangy, and boozy. Lush loves their boozy scents, seriously. From the champagne-y Celebrate to Ponche and Glogg. Now your shower can be an open bar!

Made with cocoa butter, shea butter, brandy sugar, cinnamon leaf, and vanilla, your skin is going to smell as good as it feels. Just grab a pinch of soap out of the pot and lather up, it melts over your dry skin and provides immediate relief to your dry, wind burned, parched skin.

I'm normally not a big fan of solid soaps because of the way they just SIT THERE in your shower getting gooey and gross, but since Randy comes in a pot, that's not a problem at all! HOORAY! Seriously though, such a relief.

Finally, we have Snow Fairy. It’s a bright pink, bubblegum scented shower gel. LOL.

Can I just end this article there? Because that’s like, the whole reason I got it. It's pink and smells like bubblegum. What more of an explanation do I need to give you?!

Everything in my bathroom has been very pink lately. Including me.

But no. When it comes to Lush shower gel, I am so incredibly about that life. Yes, they all smell amazing, but they FEEL. SO. GOOD. on your skin, and leave you feeling noticeably softer. Since the first time I used a Lush shower gel, I have never reverted to using anything else (except for the last two weeks because I had just ran out of my huge bottle of The Olive Branch which is probably part of the reason my skin dried out so quickly.)

So moral of the story is: Use Lush shower gels. And use this one because it’s pink and smells like bubblegum and that’s funny.

So, is it balls cold where you live? What are you using to combat dry skin? What are your favorite lush products?

Tynan is pink on Twitter @TynanBuck.