I'm an A.D.H.D. Mess and This Hand Cream Smells Like Bananas

...and sometimes that's all I got.
Publish date:
June 16, 2011
hand cream, burt's bees, things that smell like bananas

YO. Today SUCKS. Yesterday I was in Philadelphia where my grandma lived for her funeral until like 10 p.m. getting screamed at and/or lectured by my absolutely INSANE relatives, most notably my dad, who is not someone I spend time with by choice (out of, I guess, respect for Father's Day or whatever, that is the furthest I'll go on that subject this week). I'd forgotten my debit card and then also forgot to borrow money for my cab home from my sister when we came out of Penn Station, so I had to walk all the way to my apartment with my stuff and it took an hour.

And then I got home and was super-tired and dirty because it's June and I was walking through Midtown and I just collapsed on my bed and went to sleep. Then this morning I woke up and there's no water in my building! I didn't even read the signs that were posted everywhere in my lobby warning me. And so I can't make coffee or shower, and I still can't find my debit card, so I have no money! And I woke up with the WORST headache ever, and I have no Advil or anything in the house (nor money to buy it).

AND. I'm running really late with writing today AND I look terrible and messy because I can't shower, but I have a beauty luncheon that I can't get out of at the friggin' Four Seasons, of all way-too-glamorous-for-me places, at noon and an xojane.com editorial meeting at 2 pm (speaking of which, does anyone have any ideas for I'll Try Anything Once that I can pitch; hahaha; no, seriously?). And I am missing this other really big important event because I thought the Four Seasons thing (which I am going to look DISASTROUS for, P.S.) was tomorrow. Because I don't UNDERSTAND calendars.

To summarize, I'm a mess and my head hurts and I'm stressed about work and blah blah blah, these are First World problems to be sure (well, not having RUNNING WATER today is pretty Third World, actually); it is a not great-feeling-kinda day.

What I am happy about today is my Burt's Bees Beeswax & Banana Hand Cream. All morning I have been sitting down on my bed to apply it in mini-zombie trances of problem-denial, about every 20 minutes or so. It comes in a lovely glass jar and it smells like banana pudding and it looks, I guess, like banana pudding; and while there's no actual monkey on the label, there might as well be -- that's how happy the stuff makes me. I am not THAT much of a hand cream person for whatever reason -- applying it always makes me feel sort of prissy; I don't know; is that weird?! -- anyway, but I love this one. It's all-natural with vitamin E and aloe and all that, so it's really softening, and it's just really cute and lovely and does exactly what great bath and body products are supposed to do: make you feel better. And smell better.

What's your favorite hand cream? And seriously, any ideas for that meeting? xo