I'm A Total Beauty Procrastinator

Obviously, I realize this is ironic given my chosen profession. Also I'm about to show you my embarrassing roots.
Publish date:
December 12, 2013
hair, brows, Hair Color

Hi, my name is Abby and I'm a beauty procrastinator. I've also spent my adult life working in the beauty industry in some way. This allows me access to very cool products and treatments that, for the most part, I take advantage of on the regular.

Facial? Sign me up! Massage? Rub away. Nightly skin care rituals? I've got many.

But the more visible areas like my brows or my hair -- this is where I run into a problem.

We've all already discussed my dry, damaged hair and my trip to Philip Kingsley to get it diagnosed and finally start treating it better in my late 30s. (Update: I'm still totally following my treatment regimen and my hair is WAY healthier than it was a few months ago.)

WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG? I really don't know. It's something psychological with me, I swear, and here is further evidence: MY ROOTS.

All right, before everyone gets up in arms, I'm getting a cut and color on Friday so there is resolution in sight. But, good god, I'm really terrible at scheduling my appointments in a timely manner. Here is a closer look, as if I wasn't embarrassed enough.

This happens to me all the time. I wait until I'm at the point of utter disgust with my hair and then need an appointment IMMEDIATELY or I feel like I'm going to lose my mind. And yet the cycle plays out all over again when I end up waiting three months to get it done once more.

My poor colorist, Rita Hazan. She's actually a genius (Katy Perry, Beyoncé, and Jennifer Lopez agree) with color and here I go ruining all her masterful work by not going in to see her often enough. The thing is we're also good friends IRL and she's been doing my hair forever and ever -- even when I lived in LA. I tremendously enjoy her company. And still I wait too long. In the past my darling Rita has taken to my Instagram with a pointed "It's time!" comment when I've been remiss and my brassiness is showing through.

I'm also ridiculously obsessed with eyebrows. Like I'm probably quietly judging yours in my head when I see you. That's just the truth. But with my own, again, I will wait until they are OUT OF CONTROL and in dire need of shaping before I get them done. It's pathetic really.

At an old job of mine, they used to bring in a woman to do brows once a month in the conference room. It cost more than I would have to pay at some other places but the sheer convenience and the fact that it kept me on a schedule was well worth it.

I think this mental block comes from the same place in my brain that makes it nearly impossible for me to finish decorating an apartment that I live in. Like, I want it to be pretty and complete -- but I simply refuse to make it so. I feel like this says a great many things about me that I should probably be discussing with a therapist but I'm not currently seeing one, which is an entirely different story for another day.

I'm hoping that by outing myself (or I guess maybe my roots already did that for y'all) I will now be forced to hold myself accountable and make myself and my home more presentable. And, hey, if visible roots are your thing, by all means go for it. They look way cool on lots of people. I am not one of them.

The good news is I've already been making a go of finally putting things on the walls of the apartment I've lived in since the spring. It actually is starting to look like a real grown-up 38-year-old person lives there. Even the closet has been organized and will no longer cause horrified looks should someone ever step inside of it.

I work in a land of deadlines (which I always meet, by the way). And I'm never late for dinner -- in fact I'm usually the person who gets there at least 10 minutes early. It's about damn time I get my shit together in this area of life. IT'S ALL HAPPENING.

So do you have a beauty behavior that is maybe possible a symptom of some larger personality quirk?