I'D RATHER SLEEP THAN WASH MY FACE: Lather Skin Care for Lazy Girls

What smells take you back in time? And can you please find me a boy to make out with who wears the same cologne as my unrequited high school crush? I can smell it (and him) in my mind as I type this.
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December 24, 2012
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Scents are such a visceral, personal thing. They can bring you straight back to a moment in time that you thought you had forgotten. I recently smelled some man on the street wearing what I KNEW INSTANTLY IN MY HEART AND PSYCHE was Consort's Hairspray for Men.

Back in the 80s when my dad was a banker, he kept his coiffure in place with the stuff, and Donald Trump must certainly use it to this day, as it is still being sold online.

Hairspray for men is so pre-metrosexual era. If you are already deciding to use hairspray, is it really that emasculating to just use your wife's? Today my dad would just grab my mom's hairspray and be done with it. Except that I talked him into a Caesar haircut (a la George Clooney) about 15 years ago, and he's still rocking it.

I personally love the smell of chocolate more than anything else on the planet. My boyfriend, however, thinks it’s disgusting when lotions and perfumes smell like food or candy. He is always disappointed when he smells something delicious and it just turns out to be me.

I've tried to get him into chowing down on a tube of Dr. Pepper flavored Bonne Bell lip balm, but he wasn’t interested. You bitches ate lip balm though, I KNOW IT. I still do -- I’m currently snacking on the Girl Scout Lip Smackers that Emily wrote up a year ago. They are no longer available in stores but I ordered a dozen online and am stockpiling them. (It’s my version of doomsday prepping.)

As much as I love horribly creepy artificial sweet smells, I have to wonder how exactly they make something that smells like cake that isn’t cake? What chemical havoc is at work to create these products? And what about people who are allergic to chemicals and artificial smells? I hadn’t ever considered them until I stumbled onto Lather and their impressive product line last week. Lather does not use any chemical fragrances or colors in their products, so scent sensitive peeps, rejoice!

I randomly found out about Lather while shopping here in LA -- my dude loves Lush’s Dirty Springwash shower gel, and I was too lazy to walk across the street to grab him some, so I dodged into a shop I just happened to be walking by. It turned out to be Lather. This is just more solid, incontrovertible proof of how far laziness can take you in life.

Lather was started in 1999 by Emilie Davidson Hoyt, a serious migraine sufferer who randomly found relief from them in a bar of lavender soap her dad brought home from a business trip. Et voila, smart girl starts soap line -- and 13 years later, Lather is a unique, wonderful resource for premium skin, hair, baby and body care that is 95-100% natural and uses only pure essential oils. They use no synthetic fragrances or colors, and their products are almost 100% free of parabens and sulfates. They also obviously do not test on animals, or you wouldn't be reading these words with my name attached to them.

It's pretty funny for me to be writing to you about a great skincare line, because I am the worst, most sloppy trashball there ever was -- even though my skin is insanely sensitive and prone to breaking out, I still happily/lazily go to sleep with my makeup on every single night.

On the rare occasions that I DO wash my face before bed, I just use whatever hand soap is hanging around wherever I happen to be. Still, I buy face wash like it’s all about to be discontinued, because I really like STUFF and what if one day I want to wash my face properly and I have nothing?! Lather has some of the most gentle facial cleansers I’ve found.

But I think the standout product of Lather's line is their Facial Polishing Powder.

I love exfoliation. I truly believe it's one of the only things that separate us from the animals. But I don't love that I always have to wash my face with my usual cleanser and then go at it again with my chosen exfoliant. It prolongs the whole business of face washing, and THAT IS TIME I DON'T HAVE TO SPARE. I've got a very strict schedule and it includes sleeping in until 5 minutes before I need to leave the house for work.

Lather's Facial Polishing Powder solves this conundrum easily -- it's a dry mixture of ground bean, nut and fruit powders that you sprinkle into your existing face cleanser for an instant 2-in-1 exfoliating cleanser. It is, like all Lather products, completely paraben and sulfate free.

Lather also has something you don't see too often from a high-end brand -- a fair amount of products that are completely fragrance free. As a scent hound, I can't imagine spending my money on something fragrance free, but for someone with allergies and sensitivities, I can see how it would be a godsend.

I entertained myself by smearing a bunch of Lather's body products on my arms while I was in the store. That is one thing I loved about browsing there -- zero pushy salesgirls. Lather also has sinks with running water throughout the store so you can actively use/try anything you like. I like to goof around and decide what I like on my own. Here's what I want to buy next:

Lather has retail stores in Los Angeles, Arizona and Atlanta, but all their products are available online and their kind, pleasant customer service is pretty hard to beat.

What smells take you back in time? Can you see what you were wearing when you last smelled it? And can you find me a boy to make out with who wears the same cologne as my unrequited high school crush, Halston Z-14? I can smell it in my mind as I type this.

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