I Went A Week Without Washing My Hair to See If I Can Justify Regular Blow Dries

As Olivia's mentioned, the industry we work in places quite a bit of importance on appearances (duh!) and I did feel more professional, even 'grown up' with styled hair...
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December 13, 2012

We've been discussing the 'value' of expensive clothing and whether going for the priciest item you can afford is sensible as it will last longer. I've been thinking about whether the same applies to beauty - if you should always opt for the expensive lipstick or face cream or whatever and if I can stretch that out to include treatments too...

The unsatisfying answer is sometimes, but not necessarily. It depends on the product, the brand (Rimmel kohl pencils beat their pricier brethren every time) and the importance you place on things like packaging and fragrance. After having my teeth whitened a couple of years ago and realising what a huge difference it made to my confidence (grinning manically at everyone makes them be nicer to you, or at least a bit scared!), I would definitely shell out on the treatment again, but then I pay a spectacularly stingy £13 to get my hair cut.

Anyway, another treatment I am thinking of adding to the very short list of ‘Things I’m Prepared to Spend A Bit of Money On’ is blow-dries. This is because the good people at John Frieda were kind enough to give me a blow dry before our Christmas party and a week later, I haven’t needed to wash my hair!*

I went to the Aldford Street salon – a discreet Mayfair spot populated by elegant ladies getting their regular blow-dries and highlights… and me. My hair is currently more of a mess than usual because our shower isn’t working properly and, not to put too fine a point on it, standing under it feels like someone is gobbing on your head. Nice.

Anyway, my product-laden locks were thoroughly washed and then my stylist Chloe commenced the blow-drying. She mentioned that one of her other clients says she’s the only stylist who can get her blow-dry to last a whole week so I decided to put mine to the test.

I headed off to our office party looking all fancy with unusually smooth, shiny hair (by the way Rebecca disappointed us all by being extremely well behaved – partly because she didn’t want to ruin her blow-dry.) The next day it looked just as good, but the ends were starting to flick out (I actually liked this.) The weekend passed and things were still in pretty good shape, and by Monday it looked like this.

I ponytailed it on Tuesday and it was still really manageable and I liked feeling more put together than usual, especially as I had a couple of events to attend for work. As Olivia's mentioned, the industry we work in places quite a bit of importance on appearances (duh!) and I did feel more professional, even 'grown up' with styled hair. It's like when I did that shoot for agnès b. - getting my hair done made me feel more comfortable stepping outside my comfort zone and posing for the photographer.

Which leads me to conclude that I will get my hair 'done' more often from now on, although possibly saving a return trip to John Frieda for a really special occasion (their blow dries start at £65) and using the more affordable neighbourhood salon round the corner for regular visits.

Oh and because the folk at John Frieda are really nice, they’ve offered me two complete sets from the Brilliant Brunette and Radiant Red ranges to give away. To enter the competition, just email phoebe@xojane.com with your name and address and don't forget to specify which set you would like.

*This is a slight lie - it was actually six days.

Do you spend money on manicures or haircuts or facials or none of the above? Tell me which treatments matter to you and which you couldn't care less about!

Competition ends midnight on Friday 21st December 2012 and is only open to UK residents.