I Was Inspired By Prada's New Film To Step Away From The Red Lipstick For Once

Let's pretend it's spring and take a pastel-hued view of beauty...
Publish date:
April 12, 2013
fragrance, wes anderson, Prada Candy L'Eau, roman coppola, Léa Seydoux

So Prada have released this little film directed by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola to launch their new fragrance, Prada Candy L'Eau. In it uber-chic French actress (aren’t they all?) Léa Seydoux eats a banana split with one cute boy, then his pal gatecrashes the date and they all go off to the cinema together. Le sigh.

I was rather taken by the candy-coloured (duh!) makeup and clothes and decided to rummage through the bags and boxes of make-up that I always ignore when I’m doing the exact same look every single day (red lip, black cat eye.) I also wanted to give a new – to me anyway – foundation a try. Here it is: MAC’s Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. £20.50, maccosmetics.co.uk

Because I’m used to slathering liquid foundation all over my skin in a slapdash manner, I watched a couple of online video tutorial-reviews to see how people got the best out of this product. You can apply it with the sponge that is provided (this is what I did) but apparently after a couple of uses, you’re only going to be putting grease and oil back into the product, so a brush is best from then on.

This stuff feels amazing – well, you can’t really feel it at all which is the point. It’s a powder and foundation in one which gives plenty of coverage and is all silky, velvety and smooth - and most importantly, light as air. I love it. Definitely a good one for spring (hollow laugh) when my regular liquid foundation starts to feel a bit heavy.

I then unearthed this stick eye shadow from Kiko (£6.90, kikocosmetics.co.uk) in soft green apple. It's essentially a crayon which I used to draw on my eyelids like a child applying face paint.

A fat stripe along the lashline, rather that covering the whole lid felt less extreme (but look, I’m still experimenting with colour – aren’t you impressed?) and then I did a bit of black kohl inside my upper lashes and finished with some very black Clinique mascara.

Next up was this lipglass from MAC's Archie's Girls collection (Look at that fringe! I'm so Veronica! Wooo!) in a pretty, shimmery, pale plum shade. I love the colour - it feels just right for a lighter, pastel-tinted spring face, but damn getting hair stuck in lip gloss is annoying. £15, maccosmetics.co.uk

And finally I did my nails with a pale lavender polish from Maybelline’s ‘Forever Strong’ line (£4.09, boots.com). Cute.

And here's how it all looked. It feels strange not to have a bright red lip and to be wearing something glossy rather than matte, but the overall look definitely feels more spring-like.

Now I just need a couple of tousle-haired beatniks to fight over me and to eat popcorn with. Actually, just give me the popcorn.