I Totally Smell Like A Wet Garden Right Now

If I can't smell like Cheetos, this is the next best thing.
Publish date:
July 21, 2011
shoppables, perfume, demeter, frangrances

This morning, when I was feeding my shopping addiction/waiting for my thousands of (non-narcotic) prescriptions to be filled, I stumbled across the "fragrance" section of my local drug store, where I discovered the Demeter Fragrance Library.

I am soooo not fancy, y'all. Expensive perfumes smell good and everything, but I haven't really been into them since I begged my grandparents for my own bottle of Exclamation in the 90s. I sort of just wanna smell like Cheetos.

So these little bottles of simple straightfoward scents like "laundromat," "chocolate chip cookie," "mojito" and "pure soap," at 15 bucks a pop are right up my alley. I went with Wet Garden, which smells freaking unbelievable. Demeter people, send me more of these and I promise to do a sociological study on how the world treats you when you smell like a gin and tonic, cannabis and delicious cake batter, respectively.

The prescriptions, by the way, were for Wellbutrin to treat the ol' depression and a cream my doctor prescribed for this weird boob fungus I've developed. Just enough information.