I Loved Blake Lively's Hair And Makeup At The Met Ball So Much I Copied It

Now all I need is a Ryan Reynolds.
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May 8, 2014

I know you all have been taking in the gorgeousness that was the Met Ball on Monday. (I know I have!) If I’m being honest, though, it’s not the crazy dresses (that no human would ever wear in real life) that I’ve been obsessing over -- it’s the hair and makeup looks that went with them.

I figured since I spent most of the week procrastinating by staring at pictures of famous people pretending we’re friends, it’d been fun to recreate Met Ball-inspired look at home. Who’s up? Blake Lively!

I loved her classic, vintage Hollywood feel. A classy goddess, if you will.

Blake wore NARS makeup to the gala, and they sent me some of the products that inspired Blake’s look. I used two of the exact products she wore, NARS Baalbek Eye Paint ($25) and Lip Liner Pencil in Salsa ($22). Her eye shadow doesn't come out until this summer so I made do with NARS Matte Eyeshadow in New York ($25), and Cream Eyeshadow in Mykonos ($25). The rest of the look was hobbled together from my own collection.

OK, let’s do this!

First, I went with a heavy foundation all over then I applied concealer under my eyes, on my eyelids, and around my nose to highlight then I put on sheer powder to set it. I like to go crazy with foundation when I'm going all-out glam, to help brighten and perfect the look of my skin. I also beefed up my brows with a pencil (a new adventure for me!) because Blake's are a little more filled in than mine.

Now for the eyes. I like a shimmery base no matter what look I’m going for, and this was no exception. I used Sephora Collection Colorful Eye Shadow Shimmer in Blonde Ambition ($5) all over, concentrating on my inner corners to highlight. Then I used the NARS cream shadow on my lids up to my creases and blended it over until about a pinky finger’s distance away from my inner corner. I used a Q-tip to apply this cream eyeshadow, but feel free to get fancier.

Next I applied the gorgeous NARS matte eyeshadow using a small brush. I blended this color in my crease and shaded in the outer corner of my lid.

Next, I applied the NARS eye paint with a small angled eyeliner brush. I applied it slightly thicker on the outer edge of my eye, and made a thinner line as I got toward the center. I lined from the outside edge of my eye until about the end of my inner lash line, but not all the way into my inner corner (you want to keep that corner bright!). I also lined my bottom lashes, very thinly, outside the lash line (not inside your eye! mission abort!) about halfway across my eye.

After this step, apply a crapload of mascara. That’s an order. Some say you’re never fully dressed without a smile, I say your eyes are never fully ANYTHING without mascara.

Finally, the lips. I LOVE this NARS lip liner in Salsa, it’s a gorgeous mauve-y pink. I applied some lip balm first then outlined my lips and filled them in until the color was totally opaque. In order to achieve the brighter look of Blake’s lip, I put a pink gloss over the top of the lip liner (Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart, $7.49).

And those were the steps to recreate Blake’s makeup look! Feel free to throw on a light blush or a cheek illuminator to brighten up your whole face. My final results:

It only took a small army:

Now for the hair.

Blake looked gorgeous with her loose, cascading blonde waves with one side pulled back, and I was determined to replicated it.

For this style, I used a clamp-less curling iron, voluminizing hairspray, a teasing comb, and two bobby pins.

First, I parted my hair to the far right. I then sectioned off my hair (lazily) so that it would be easier to curl from the bottom up.

From here, take chunks of your hair and wrap them around the clamp-less iron, making sure that the hair lays FLAT on the iron (or else you run of risk of wonky looking curls).

For the clamp-less iron, you can use as much or as little hair as you want for each curl. The smaller the pieces you use, the more curl and volume you’ll have to work with later. I decided to go full-on curly sue.

Once you have a full head of curls, spray the crap out of them with hairspray. Then, run your fingers through the curls, gently, to break them up.

Keep playing with your curls until you get them the way you want them. I had to run a comb through mine for the looser effect I wanted.

After combing, I used a teasing brush to section out a piece of hair on the right side:

I teased this hair in order to achieve some lift off the side of my head, and smoothed over the top. Once it was slightly lifted and smooth, I pulled this section of hair around to the back of my head, gave it a little twist for leverage, and pinned it.


So there’s my recreation of Blake’s Met Ball look! Who were your favorites? Have you tried to recreate them at home?