I Got My Hair Dyed Yesterday And I'm Freaking Out Because I Hate It (Part 2)

I went back to the salon and demanded "The Rachel." Just kidding, I got the color fixed.
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February 28, 2014
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The other day I was freaking out because my hair did not turn out how I envisioned. All I wanted was that gray/lavender color at the ends and my natural color on top. THAT’S IT. Sounds easy right? Apparently not.

I called another salon and made an appointment for 11:30 am. I just wanted someone else to fix it because the thought of dealing with conflict sounded horrible. My roommate insisted that I call the salon and have them do it over again. Lucky for me, my roommate LOVES dealing with these types of situations.

I canceled the appointment at the new salon, and called back the original salon. The receptionist told me the girl who dyed my hair would be in shortly and she would call me back to discuss. I asked if I could just come in and have someone else do my hair, and she said I would have to pay for it. Ugh.

I waited for the stylist to call me back, and my roommate said, "I'll just pretend I'm your styling artistic assistant from your agency and your hair isn't at all like you wanted and it needs to be changed in order for you to continue to go on castings."

I said, "First of all, that's not a job title, second of all, go for it!"

Ten minutes later the stylist called back and Lizzy answered the phone.

"Hi, this is Rose, Melissa's styling person, umm, assistant from her, umm agency and she needs her hair to be more subtle and pastel, less brassy and orange, and more gray-blue-lavender-ish. Right now it looks like she used Kool-aid in her hair and it needs to be more high fashion looking."

Really convincing, "Rose."

She said I could come in at 4:15. Sounds good. I skipped a casting because there's no way I could've showed up to a Huggies commercial audition with that hair. Someone in the comments yesterday said I looked like Angela Chase from My So Called Life, and someone else posted a picture of the Kool-aid man. Real funny, guys.

I could always cut my hair super short and look like Kate Gosselin if she were a dubstep DJ. I could also cut uneven bangs and make "The Rachel." The cut itself would be so distracting that maybe the pink wouldn't be as noticeable. I've always wanted to walk into a salon and demand "The Rachel."

Lizzy, I mean, "Rose," came with me to the salon. The stylist was there waiting and was really nice and apologetic. She said she was really glad I came back because she wanted to make sure I was happy. Aww, now I felt kinda bad for freaking out.

She told me to be completely honest with her and let her know if I didn't like anything. She said she could extend my roots down further, lighten the ends again, and wash out the bright pink. She said lavender is tricky because if my hair wasn't completely white it could look muddy. I said I was OK with that, as long as I have more ashy brown and less bright pink.

She used a bleach wash to get out the bright color. She put more brown on the roots and bleach on the ends to get them a little lighter.

She rinsed it out, put some more toner on, did some other things, and then she blow dried it. Lizzy was watching the whole time (except for 20 minutes when she disappeared and came back with espresso, kale juice, beet juice, a sandwich, and an Adbusters magazines) and said she really liked what she was seeing. Phew.

She also said, "Man, I wish I had a skill and a job," completely forgetting that she was supposed to be my "styling assistant person."

The hairstylist was probably thinking, "I cannot wait until these weirdos leave."

My hair still wasn't exactly like how I envisioned, but I like it so much better. The pink will also fade over time into a more pastel color, and I can always get it lightened in a few weeks. I'm still gonna aim for lavender, but for now I like it.



What do you guys think? Love it? Hate it?

UPDATE: Most of the bright pink washed out, and I ended up getting a dark ash brown toner and developer from Sally's Beauty and re-dyed my roots darker (my original color) and blended it down further. I put a tiny bit of bleach on the ends and covered with tinfoil when I rinsed. It's getting close!