I Got My Hair Dyed Yesterday And I'm Freaking Out Because I Hate It

It is not good.
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February 26, 2014
hair dye, I'm freaking the freak out

Yesterday I spent six hours in a salon getting my hair dyed. Today, I look like I'm 15 trying to look punk and dyed my hair with Kool-aid. It is not good.

Here is a picture of me with Ghostface Killah to demonstrate what my hair looked like last weekend:

I've had plain brown hair forever. You can't really dye your hair crazy colors when you work as a model because you wouldn't book a ton of jobs. I've sort of retired from the modeling world and decided that I wanted to dye my hair. I LOVE the gray/lavender look (like Kelly Osborne) so I found a picture of Gemma Ward with amazing hair. It was exactly what I was looking for.

I knew it would take a couple of bleaching steps to get the ends that light, but I wanted to do it. I don't have a regular colorist in LA because I do all my hair maintenance in NY, so I looked on Yelp and found a girl that has a lot of experience with crazy colors. Perfect.

I got to the salon at 1 pm. The stylist had the exact color in her hair that I wanted and I showed her the Gemma Ward photo. She explained that my hair needed to get super white in order for the lavender to look good. OK, great. I'm on board. Let's do it.

She started putting bleach in my hair, and I was on my iPad dillydallying on the Internet. I had assumed shed only need to put bleach on the ends, but when I looked up she was bleaching basically all of my hair. I assumed she needed to do this for some practical reason? I don't know, I'm not the hairstylist.

After an hour of that, my hair sat for a while then she rinsed it out. It needed more bleaching so she went back and did more. Two hours later:

She then put some toner on the roots, let that sit, then took me over to the sink. She rinsed out the bleach, put more toner on, then said, "Are you okay with a pastel pink color? I don't want to bleach your hair anymore because it will get damaged, but we can do this for now and then you can come back and we can lighten it more and then do lavender."

Now, when she said pastel pink, I was thinking this color:

It's similar to the lavender and it's pretty, so I agreed. She put more toner in, then the color, then toner, then wrapped my head in plastic and I sat under the heater for 20 minutes. I went back over to the chair and before she took off the plastic she said, "If it's too bright for you I can always change it tomorrow."

She brushed out my hair and I looked in the mirror like, "Oh, my god, what happened?"

At this point, I've been there for 6 hours. All I've eaten all day was a banana and granola. I'm tired and I'm supposed to go my man's house to watch "True Detective" and "The Bachelor." I am not thrilled.

She blow dries it and tells me how much she likes it. She asks what I think and I say I like it, because I would feel so bad saying I hated it after being there for 6 hours. I'm not good at speaking up or dealing with any confrontation, so I decide to just sit through this blowdry and then figure out what to do tomorrow.

Even when I went up to pay, the chicks sitting behind the desk looked at me like, "What the f*ck?"

I get home and freak out. I contemplate putting store-bought brown dye in it to get it back to the original color. I ask my roommate what she thinks and she gives me the "well, it could be worse" face. She says if I'm not happy I should go back to the salon and have them change it or get my money back. I'm not the person who does that. I never complain about food in a restaurant or put myself in a position where conflict could arise. I would rather go to an entirely different salon and have someone else fix it.

Oh, and I'm PMSing (one week early because I've been getting my period every three weeks for the past two months for no reason at all), I have 3 zits on my chin, my boobs hurt, the guy I'm dating is annoyed at me for my lack of communication skills, and my roommate's ex-boyfriend is sending her borderline death-threat text messages. It's total chaos over here.

I'll update you when I figure out what I'm doing with this monstrosity.

Please tell me everything is going to be OK.