I Found A BB Cream That Even BB Cream Haters Will Like

Someone pulled this product directly from my wildest beauty dreams.
Publish date:
March 26, 2014
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I have a love/hate relationship with BB creams. I think they’re great in theory, but they’re just everywhere. The market is saturated! How can I find the perfect one for me when there are so many to try?

In my opinion, beauty brands get them wrong more often than they get them right. Maybe I’m just a hard sell, but I’ve found that most of the time, they’re either too shiny or too opaque -- or they're too cool or too warm to match my skin tone, even if they have a range of shades. It’s hard to hear everyone raving about BB creams when I feel like none of them work for me! What’s your favorite? Tell me in the comments and I’ll give it a try -- but chances are, I already have.

In case I haven’t beaten this point directly into the ground enough: I hate creams. I will automatically opt for a gel skincare product that I haven’t tried over a cream that I have tried, because my distaste for creams runs that deep. Gels are more lightweight, have more longevity, and just wear better on my skin. Gel cleansers, gel moisturizers, gel foundations, give me all the gels.

One exception is Dr. Jart+ BB cream -- I've had great luck with it. I mean, duh, the brand is pretty much responsible for bringing the BB craze to America, obviously they’re one of the best. So when I first discovered that Dr. Jart+ makes a BB gel, it felt like a product pulled directly from my wildest beauty dreams.

Behold: Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Smart Gel BB, $36.

What makes this product so special is that it's formulated with shape-memory polymers that allow it to return to and hold its original shape. I know “shape-memory polymers” is kind of an eye-roller, but there’s something to it, so hear me out.

When you unscrew the top and touch your finger to the gel...

...it leaves an indent.

After a minute or two, the gel will level itself out and the surface will be smooth again.

It does the same thing on your face! When you first apply the gel, it fills in fine lines, refines pores, and evens skin tone -- everything you’d expect from a BB. And it lasts!

Another reason I like this gel more than the creams is that it starts off a little more sheer, which allows you to control the coverage. You can build it up in layers wherever you want it. Sometimes when I put on a BB cream, it goes on so opaque that I feel like I’m struggling to make my skin look natural -- and looking natural is the whole point of using a BB! Yesterday morning, in fact, I tried a beauty balm that I was really excited about, but it was so dense that it was like a mask on my face and my skin looked green. Nah.

The Dr. Jart+ BB gel is nothing like that. It blends and perfects while allowing enough of your own beautiful face to show through. I tend to focus a little more around my eyes to bounce light off of my dark circles and help hide them when I don’t have time to go in with my Touche Éclat pen. It dries to a natural-looking satin finish -- it's not too shiny, but not so matte that you look like a mannequin.

So here is my busted ass before:

And here I am after, wearing the Water Fuse Smart Gel BB.

I did accidentally pivot a little bit toward the natural light in the second photo (MY APARTMENT FACES EAST WHICH IS APPARENTLY WHERE THE SUN RISES), so it's going to look a little better than the "before" photo, so don't bother calling me out on that in the comments. Focus on something else that sucks, like my hair.

BUT, you can see how my face looks more flawless, even and BEAUTIFUL.

I wish the product came in more shades, but right now there are only two: light/medium and medium/dark. And it’s unscented! I know that a lot of BBs have no scent, but the first one I ever tried was lightly perfumed which drove me effing nuts all day and I couldn’t wait to take it off, which is, you know, counterproductive.

Have you tried Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Smart Gel BB? If so, are you loving it? What's your favorite BB? Tell me everything in the comments. You are flawless and I love you.

Tynan is also flawless on Twitter: @TynanBuck.