I Feel Good About My Face: My Week of Listening to You

You guys told me to wear less makeup. I tried it, and you were totally right. How else can you run my life?
Publish date:
June 24, 2011
makeup, insecurity, the customer is always right

You guys are so smart. To recap: I told you I can't leave the house without makeup. You said lots of stuff like "Emily you are so bee-yo-tiful!" I hearted you hard. And you also said stuff like "I think you look much prettier and younger without all that makeup!" and "I like makeup but you have too much on."

At first I could not stomach your suggestions. But a lot of you specifically complimented my skin and said I should stop using foundation and powder, which was a baby step I was able to take. I literally tossed that stuff in the trash! It felt good! My skin looked pretty!

And since you guys were right on that one point, I began to think maybe you might know what you were talking about. So last Sunday morning, after using one of those face masks that comes in a packet and costs like 2 dollars at Forever 21, I screwed up my courage and left the house with one small swipe of eyeliner on my top lid and a simple red lip.

It felt OK. I caught glimpses of myself in store mirrors and did not cringe away as if from that scary gypsy woman in "Drag Me to Hell." So I kept it up.

Monday I actually road-tested this look at work. I felt pretty self-conscious, especially since people kept staring at me and saying things like "You look different...":

Tuesday I added a little bit of mascara. People kept complimenting me.:

Wednesday I experimented with a pink lip. Everyone was pretty much used to it by then. I missed the attention:

Thursday I backslid a little and added a touch of Urban Decay's "Sin" shadow on the browbone and lid. Later that day I got caught in a rainstorm, perhaps as retribution from God.

So today I atoned by going without my "security lips." I AM TOTALLY LIPLESS, YA'LL. My boyfriend also caught me taking this photo this morning and asked why I was doing "weird s**t," to which I responded that it was for an article, but even if it wasn't I can do any kind of "weird s**t" I want in my own damn house, thank you.

And if you're thinking this article was just an excuse to post a bunch of pretty pictures of myself, you're right. Cause I am hardly wearing any makeup and I feel pretty! Prettier than I did before! You guys have changed my life, sincerely. Thank you.

How else can you run my life, since you're so good at it? Want to pick my next tattoo or something? I am taking all advice from readers from now on.

(Oh and I just realized I lied -- I also penciled my brows every day.) Is this still too much makeup? Or can I use a little more? And what should I be doing when I wear my glasses?