I Don’t Get This Thick Brow Trend Everyone's Obsessing Over

It's what all the cool models are doing, but to me it's just messy.
Publish date:
October 22, 2013
eyebrows, cara delevingne, Lily Collins

I don’t get this wild, ungroomed brows thing. Everyone’s living for Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins, with their totally untouched, thick brows. I know I’m going to get slammed for this, but I think it looks a tad…’70s commune? Unkempt.

They’re beautiful women, stunning, ridiculously hot –- and I feel like sometimes I can’t see their faces because of their eyebrows. Which is bizarre, since that look is supposed to be each one's calling card. Her signature. But to me, it’s a distraction.

Every makeup artist I’ve ever interviewed has always extolled the virtues of eyebrow grooming, even the littlest bit. Eyebrows are the window treatments of the soul, and all that. They frame your face something fabulous. Shape them a little, and suddenly you have cheekbones; bigger, brighter eyes; even a stronger, more kickass nose (would you ever notice Penelope Cruz or Gaga’s fabulous noses if they had Bert brows hovering above?)

Don’t get me wrong, unless you’re going for a Marlene in ’31 vibe -– or Kate in ’93 -- skinny arches look dated and pinched. But even pulling off a bolder look takes a bit of grooming.

I’ve spent a good nine months growing in my brows, and attempting to perfect the art of rocking them in a “gently manicured au natural” style. Here’s what I do: Brush them upwards and snip the tops with scissors (Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors & Brush, $19). Then, I pluck just a few stray hairs under the uppermost top of the arch, just to give it some shape. Finally, using light, short, uniform shorts, I fill them in with a dark brow pencil (Shiseido The Makeup Natural Eye Pencil, $20). Now you have a thick -– but neat –- set of brows.

I just like neat better. Ever notice how happy your vagina looks when you get a little wax? I’m not even talking a full Brazilian, I mean the tiniest little edge-up. Again, this is a personal preference -– if bushy arches make you feel drop-dead, then do you, and do it wilder than anyone else. I just want to see your face.