I Can Fix Your Dry, Wintry, Scabies Looking Legs

Right now, you could grate a carrot on my upper thighs. But come March, they’ll look like Lopez legs. Believe.
Publish date:
February 6, 2013

If this article were in a conventional glossy mag, the headline would scream ‘Get those sexy legs ready for summer, now!’ Alas, this is xojane.co.uk where we don’t gift wrap things, so let me lay it on the line.

Thanks to a desperately cold winter, years of epilating, and complete neglect, I have gross, dry, flaky legs. They look like they have dandruff. Oh, and this extends to my toes too. Honestly, they’re like little sausagey snakes shedding their skin.

To add insult to injury, courtesy of yanking those pesky leg hairs from their follicles for far too long, I also have scabby ingrown bumps on the bottom of my legs. I’m painting a beautiful picture here right?

It gets worse. The tops of my legs are so bumpy, you could grate a carrot on them. It’s like they’re in a permanent state of goose pimples. But, cunning as I am, I know how to fix this. And so begins my February ritual of getting my poor, sad pins ready for exposure, or at least an acceptable look and feel for me.

You don’t need hundreds of pounds of lotions and potions to fix your scabby legs, but one special item that does all the work for you. If you want to go the whole hog like me, you’ll need three products. The key item you have to have are exfoliating gloves, available at the meager cost of £2.69 from Boots.

Everyday when I shower, I use a sponge and Dove shower gel. But, for the next few weeks, every day, I will use these exfoliating gloves with my normal shower gel. You should brush your hands up and down your legs vigorously, not forgetting to do your toes and thighs and, while your there, run them over your bum too. The gloves literally slough off the grim flaky snakey skin, and from the first shower, you’ll feel the difference.

Now if you want to go super serious descaling, invest in a salt scrub like this Body Shop Shea Butter one – the scent of it is obscenely good. Use a big blob of this three times a week instead of your usual shower gel for a really deep invigorating cleanse. This stuff will also moisturise as it contains the ultra emollient shea butter, which is super quenching.

And finally, once you’ve scrubbed yourself silly, dry off, and then lotion yourself up. Right now, I’ve been using this Clinique Deep Comfort Body Lotion which feels rich and soothing. I think any lotion applied to your exfoliated areas will do, but a nice rich one is always a winner.

A few do’s and don’ts.

Don’t be tempted to use the salt scrub or exfoliating gloves on your face. Really don’t, it’s just too abrasive.

Don’t wash your vagina with salt scrub or the exfoliating gloves – stick to your sponge or flannel.

Do run the gloves up and down your upper arms to buff them beautifully too and don’t forget to scrub your heels.

And do keep this process up – I recommend using the gloves daily for about 10 days and then 3 times a week. I promise you, this will sort out even the grimmest of legs.

Please give it a whirl, and let me know if this works for you - in fact, tell me on Twitter @danigraph!