I Am OBSESSED With The Jennifer Fisher X RGB Nail Polish Collaboration!

Now, we can all own a little piece Jennifer Fisher!
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January 13, 2014
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I’m an accessories guy.

As much as my friends will try to tell you that I dress like a lunatic, I would disagree. I like to keep it pretty simple most of the time, but I do tend to pop off with the accessories. And why not? Guys clothes are so boring, but throw on a couple rings, bracelets, and a great pair of sunglasses and BOOM, I’ve gone from bland boy to bad boy.

Lately, I’ve been completely obsessing over a jewelry designer by the name of Jennifer Fisher. Her line is essentially me, in the form of a jewelry collection. The pieces are bold, simple, iconic, and demand your attention. Plus, she uses a ton of old English script throughout her collection, which is a personal favorite. The first time I discovered Jenifer Fisher, I was hooked, and I’ve spent hours combing her website, salivating over each and every piece.

That cigar band WILL be my wedding ring, should that ever come to pass (right after hell freezes over.)

I literally die.

That’s why I was over the moon when I heard that Jennifer Fisher was doing a collaboration with RGB! While her jewelry is exquisite, the shit ain’t cheap. But now, we can all own a little piece Jennifer Fisher!

The collabo consists of two polishes with names inspired by her collection.

“Taken” is THE nail color to have this spring, according to me at least.

It’s a sheer, milky white. It’s the perfect polish to have if you’re looking for a clean, unique, uncomplicated manicure. One coat gives you a sheer wash of white, two gives you perfectly murky coverage, and three builds the white even more, while still leaving your nail line visible.

I pretty much always dislike sheer polish, but I’m in love with “Taken.” It’s also a great alternative to all of the usual basic manicures, the nude, the french. It’s a quick and easy way to achieve flawless nails.

I also played around with a couple different finishes!

I threw a matte topcoat over one hand, and it made the already gorgeous polish even more intresting.

On the other hand, I layered Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength pearlescent "Platinum" on top, which was also beautiful. It added just a bit of color without robbing it of the sheerness.

Taken is an awesome color because on its own, it's perfect, but can be easily reinterpreted with the use of a different topcoat for a whole new look! One polish, a ton of different ways to wear it. WHY AM I SUCH A GENUIS?!?

How do you feel about sheer polishes? Do you love the simplicity? Do you think they defeat the point of even painting your nails? I’m not usually a fan but PLOT TWIST I love this one. Love it with me. Don't be afraid.

The second polish in this collection is “Fighter.”

What color even is this? Is it black? Is it navy? Is it olive? Dude, I DON’T KNOW!

But the thing is, I kind of don’t know. Fighter is my favorite kind of nail color because you can’t really define it. It’s a cobalt blue, meets a darkened emerald green, mixed with deep grey. The color looks different, depending on what light you’re in. It’s mysterious, sophisticated, and one of my new favorite darks.

Just obsessed.

Do you love it? What’s your favorite beauty collaboration? Do you have a favorite jewelry line? What’s on your nails right now?! Show and tell in the comments, babes.

Tynan is tweeting @JenniferFisher on Twitter @TynanBuck.