Walker Beauty Must-Haves for Looking Hot During the Zombie Apocalypse

Stay pretty ‘til the day you die… again.

With the mid-season return of The Walking Dead, I started thinking — I'm one of those people who has virtually no survival skills (except running away from danger), so if a crazy zombie outbreak goes down, I’m probably going to be spending my days as a walker.

I’d like to think that even if I join the ranks of the undead, I’m still going to be beauty-obsessed (seriously, I have an undying need for lipstick), so here are my picks to rock the zombie apocalypse in style.

Zombie Must-Have #1: Sunscreen

Being dead is no excuse to not take care of your skin — at least, whatever skin manages to stay on your body. My need for human flesh is going to require a lot of outdoor time and traveling, so I have to keep that SPF on LOCK!

I’m assuming I’ll still be down for Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense because it is the best.

Zombie Must-Have #2: Cool-Toned Eye Shadow

Nothing says zombie like deeply shadowed eyes, and I think I’ll be sticking with cool-toned taupe shades to get that hollowed, I’m-never-sleeping again look. My top picks are both from Makeup Geek: Barcelona Beach, a cool matte taupe for everyday wear and Hipster, a shimmery taupe for when I want a little sparkle and shine.

Zombie Must-Have #3: Contour Powder

My body’s general decomposition will definitely sharpen my facial features, but why not make them really pop with a nice contour powder?

Anastasia Beverly Hills is my go-to for contour powder, and I think the shade Mink will be perfect for carving those features out. With this powder I’ll have my fellow zombie’s saying, “dat cheekbone tho!”

Zombie Must-Have #5: Red Lipstick

As a living person, I’m a red-lip gal all the way, and when I turn, you won’t be able to pry MAC Ruby Woo out of my cold, dead hands even if you try.

I’m all about color-coordinating, so I definitely think it’s important for my lipstick to match the blood of my victims. Also, it needs to be long-wearing, because I plan on roaming the Earth in style for some time.

  • Are you guys as excited as I am for The Walking Dead returning?
  • What do you think of this season so far?
  • If you were a beauty-obsessed zombie, what would be your picks?