Hello! Goodbye!

There have been some changes going on with xoJane and xoVain that I've alluded to but not explicitly told you about yet.
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December 3, 2013
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This post originally appeared on Jane's Phone on xoJane.

This is where I am and I know it is hard to feel sorry for me being stuck in such incredible surroundings and I am not complaining and appreciate when life gives you what you didn't know you needed, whatever or wherever or whenever that may be.

I was out here with Charlotte for Thanksgiving with our wonderful friends in a list of name-drops that would put all my past name-dropping to shame. Ok, Sasha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher and kids, Jen and Justin, the greatest hostesses ever in Courteney Cox and Coco, Ed Sheeran, who else? (They all keep asking about you, by the way, so I signed on a few new contributors to the site that I'm excited about -- you'll see.)

Then Charlotte got so sick that we couldn't get on our flight yesterday (if you ever want an airline to quickly waive all flight-change fees, throw up right on the ticket counter -- a tip for you). So we are still here, thanks to the kindness of our amazing friends, and hoping she is better enough to leave in a few hours.

That said, there have been some changes going on with xoJane and xoVain that I've alluded to but not explicitly told you about yet. For example, no more Annie! She is starting another job. This process is something that happens to me a lot, and I'm sure to other editors who like to find people with talent and ambition who haven't gotten a big break yet.

I'm sure you can all think of examples of writers who have left after you discovered them here. I remember it with some of my favorite writers from Jane Magazine too. And I generally still like watching the writer's processes and growth wherever it takes place. Then some come back, which can be fun.

So one thing that Annie's leaving means is: who would be most perfect to take over her job at xoVain? Also, we need a fashion & beauty director at xoJane as well. Since I'm always an over-sharer, here are the details: The lovely Abby has been helping us pump up the style stuff on xoJane while also searching for a Fashion & Beauty Director for when she leaves us. She is currently our "Acting Fashion & Beauty Director" and will be here a few more weeks -- unless we can convince her to come back in January. In a nutshell, we need TWO talented people.

You can mourn Annie's loss here and here and feel simultaneously guilt-free about nominating yourself or someone else to take her spot here in the comments. I can't wait for the new kids to arrive! Fun fun times! When Charlotte's not throwing up. (Proud I managed to write this all between bouts of vomiting and before the sun has fully set. And life goes on. How's yours?)