Welcome To The First-Ever xoVain Open Thread!

It’s a party! But you don’t have to clean up afterward. And you don't even have to wear pants. Whatever!
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March 7, 2014
open thread

Oh you guys, this has been a really fun first week here for me at xoVain. I think we’re going to do some great things together, you know? And everyone here at both xoJane and xoVain has been so great. We’re already wearing similar outfits and everything. (I love Olivia’s leather snapback, too, don’t you? It’s very “The Power” by Snap. Please tell me one of you remembers this song.)

So, Open Thread. Here’s a place to talk about all of your deepest, darkest beauty desires and secrets. I mean, you can talk about whatever you want, really; I’m just hoping you’ll talk about beauty in here, too. If I were going to be in the mix, I’d talk about how I’m DREADING having to remove my gel nails because the process involves aluminum foil, Vaseline, and pure acetone. I better remember to keep a window open.

Go, now. Go.

PS: A hearty congrats to our new Contributing Editor, Alle! You may be familiar with her from such posts as this and this. You can talk about that, too.