A Wonder Woman Beauty Tutorial, Minus The Stunning Cleavage

I mean, if you already have stunning cleavage, great, but I'm just showing you how to do Wonder Woman hair and makeup.

I’m sort of obsessed with Wonder Woman; more specifically, Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman.

Ms. Carter played Wonder Woman on the 1970s TV show and found her way into the hearts of viewers aplenty with her brunette waves, crime-fighting skills, and, well, have you seen her in that bustier? Plus, Lynda Carter still looks incredible. At 61, she still has glowing skin and a gorgeous smile, and she makes me overwhelmingly jealous with her radiant beauty. I can only hope that I look like her when I’m in my 60s. Or, you know, right now.

Plus, who doesn’t want to be Wonder Woman? She’s a superhuman Amazon warrior princess who fights for justice, peace, love and sexual equality! And she has an invisible airplane! Annnnd her hair is, like, really pretty.

Whenever I get really down, I remember that I’m my own kind of Wonder Woman, and I flex my non-existent muscles and punch the air, and then I feel pretty great again until I remember that I can’t fly.

If you need a little help feeling like a superhuman babe, then I’ve got the tutorial for you. With a few makeup and hair tricks, you can fight crime or maybe just put a little spring in your step.

Wonder Hair

This hair is all about voluminous, lustrous waves, swept off the face with a magical tiara or, if you don’t have access to that, a headband or scarf.

Using a flat iron, wrap one-inch sections of hair around, turning in the direction away from the face. Continue this until you’ve got a head full o’ curls. Give them a decent amount of time to cool and then brush lightly with a boar-bristle brush to soften them up.

Take a fine-tooth comb and begin backcombing at the crown to create height and boost volume. Mist all over with hairspray. Add a headscarf or whatever you want; or, you know, you can just leave the curls all free and loose like Wonder Woman does when she’s operating under her “regular gal” alias, Diana Prince.

Wonder Makeup

Since I’m focusing on Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, this look is super-‘70s. That means sculpted cheeks, soft smoldering eyes with fluttery lashes, and glossy red lips reminiscent of a Roxy Music album cover.

To create the illusion of actual cheekbones, I mixed Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Crème Colour Concentrate in Miriam and Trick to create a cream blush that I could blend into my cheekbones and up towards the hairline for definition.

Then, I used Benefit High Beam on top of the cheekbones to create that iridescent, otherworldly glow and add some dimension.

The Balm's Nude ‘Tude Palette contains the perfect mix of neutral shades to create warm, doe-y eyes. I used the deep brown Sleek shade with an angled liner brush to line the upper and lower lids, and then used a fluffier brush to blend it into the crease. The shimmery, medium-brown Sophisticated shade was applied all over my eyelid, and I applied a bit of the frosty white Sassy shade to my browbones.

Superhero lashes that looked like falsies were achieved with Benefit They’re Real! Mascara, which I love, and I’m extremely picky when it comes to mascara.

Finally, for those shiny, intensely pigmented, cherry-red lips, I used Armour Beauty’s Lip Gloss in Siouxsie.

Boom! Pow! bang! Superhero beautiful. Oof! Squonk! Norp! OK, now I’m just making up comic book noises. I’ll let you go now.

But first, I want to know all about your superhero alter-ego. I actually designed a superhero uniform once for my imaginary “Bee Sting” heroine. Yup, the more you know about me, the worse I start to seem!