Beauty Lessons I Learned From My Cats

These two have taught me plenty of lessons over the years. I hope they inspire you a little, too.
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August 1, 2014
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A while back, Alle put together a list of beauty lessons she learned from her sweet, sweet pup, Oliver. I've been holding out, hoping for a similar list to pop up somewhere on the Internet about cats, but no such luck. So I decided to make one myself.

Before we get started, let's do some introductions.

Lamia, the gray kitty, is eight years old and super playful and affectionate. She spent her early weeks on the mean streets of Indianapolis until a fellow choir member picked her up at an intersection, took her to the vet, and then began a search for her forever home. I piped up for my husband (then boyfriend) and he adopted her. Her name was Emma when we got her, but David decided to change her name to Lamia, a Greek child-eating demon.

Goguma, the particularly chubby orange ball of fluff (she's on a diet, don't you worry), is six and also super, super sweet. She sounds like a sloth when she meows and when she gets excited her nose and lips turn bright pink. We rescued Goguma when we lived in Korea and lugged her back to the United States. Goguma means sweet potato in Korean, FYI.

These two have taught me plenty of lessons over the years. I hope they inspire you a little, too.

Posture is Key to Confidence

I love the way my kitties walk around with their nose in the air and the kind of posture that'd make an etiquette teacher beam. Seriously, we could all take a few cue's from standard kitty posture and confidence. Lamia loves to swish her big fluffy tail around as she saunters from room to room, as if to remind everyone who sees her that she's all that and a bag of kibbles. Goguma's go-to stance (pictured) involves delicately crossed paws and a lifted chin. The confidence just oozes from her!

I actually saw an impressive TED Talk the other day by a woman named Amy Cuddy titled, "Your body language shapes who you are." I highly recommend watching it, but I'll share the takeaway: standing tall and power posing can affect you at a physiologically level. The more confident you are, the more attractive, in general, you become.

Eyeliner is a Must

Even if I'm wearing very minimal makeup, eyeliner is just one of those beauty products I have to apply before leaving the house. Lamia, who's got permanent black eyeliner, as you can see, just reiterates how big of an impact it can make on someone's face. That definition!

While I don't always go with the full on black liner cat-eye, you will rarely see me without some sort of eye defining makeup. I like a smudged out pencil liner, a faint liner created with eyeshadow, a quick tight line, or even a thin line of brown, blue or green liner against an otherwise naked eye.

Exercise Does a Soul Good

I am not a fitness expert, nor are my cats, but there's one thing I can tell you with utmost confidence: I feel amazing every time I exercise. And my kitties? Every time they run through the grass (supervised) or really go after a toy, they are absolutely delighted in the hours that follow. Their happiness actually inspires me to pull out the ol' yoga mat or take a stroll through the neighborhood. Sometimes I run, even though I am possibly the worst runner in existence.

For me, exercising isn't so much about losing weight or sculpting a magazine-worthy body. It's simply about feeling good. If my kitties don't get their exercise, just like me, lethargy and a weird sense of unhappiness and discomfort creeps in. Not a good look!

Groom, Groom, Groom

If there's one thing cats are particularly good at, it's keeping themselves well groomed. Sometimes I'll catch one of my sweet babes out of the corner of my eye, vigorously licking their hair or using their paws to clean their ears, which inspires me to brush my own. Or I'll catch them addressing their nails, and then use their attention to detail as a prompt to reach for my nail file.

Grooming is not only important to general cleanliness, but having everything in place--from the hairs on your head to the length of your nails--can make all the difference in the way you feel when you saunter out the door.

Seriously, Get Your Beauty Sleep

In addition to incessant grooming, cats are also known for their ability to nap all day long. While it's safe to say that nobody in the real world can afford to sleep as much as your everyday feline, getting your nightly beauty sleep is pretty important.

When you pull an all-nighter, get terrible sleep or simply get fewer hours than you're used to, it can make a pretty big impact on your appearance. We're talking dull skin, gray circles under your eyes and lackluster hair. It can also make you irritable and particularly stressed throughout the day, which makes for an older-than-your-years visage, and a permanent expression that reads unapproachably grumpy.

People play off the whole "beauty sleep" thing, but any doc will tell you that your appearance definitely changes for the worse if you don't get an appropriate amount of Zzz's.

I'd love to hear about the ways in which your pets have inspired your beauty and health upkeep. And please, please post pictures of your pets, or at least some cute "aww"-inducing gifs!