Quick Question: What's The Best Beauty Inspiration You've Gotten From Pinterest?

The urge to dye my hair peach is almost unbearable.
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July 23, 2013
Quick Question, Pinterest

I was a rampant Pinterest pinner before xoVain launched. It was a creative outlet for me, albeit a lazy one.

I've got a wide range of boards: humor, decor, style, art, cute animals, etc. But my favorite--and this should come as no surprise--is my "Give Good Face" board: makeup, hair and nail looks that I find inspiring.

So, I realize this is a suuuuper-short post, but like Pinterest, this one's about the VISUALS. Specifically YOUR favorite visuals.

QQ: What's the best beauty inspiration you've gotten from Pinterest? Post links in the comments! I'll definitely repin my favorites.