Bridesmaid Essentials: 22 Things To Bring On The Big Day

Bridal beauty emergencies happen. Pack your bag accordingly.
Publish date:
June 19, 2014
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Welcome to part two of my three-part series on wedding bag essentials. Today, I'm telling you what to stuff in your bag(s) if you're a bridesmaid. (I covered 15 wedding guest must-haves on Wednesday.)

In addition to wearing a matching outfit and smiling in pictures, it's the bridesmaid's responsibility to stave off a bunch of potential emergencies. Having done bridesmaid duty many times, I know just what to bring on the big day.

First, you’re going to have two bags with you. Accept it. The small, cute bag is for the stuff you need on you, for you. The bigger bag is for the stuff that you MIGHT need. It can be stowed away safely in the room where the bride/groom gets changed, or under the table at the reception.

The stuff in the small bag looks pretty similar to what I recommended for wedding guests in part one of this series.

But there are a few additions for bridesmaids.

1. A couple of candies. Low blood sugar is REAL. You can’t smile nicely for pictures if you haven’t eaten for five hours.

2. Extra oil-blotting sheets. If you don’t have them, brown paper towels or napkins from Starbucks work just as well.

3. Extra Band-Aids. You may or may not be in charge of the shoes that you wear, so your feet may or may not hate you.

4. Clear nail polish and a file (file not pictured, because Alle is a fool). So important! There's nothing worse than getting a cracked nail caught in a long flowing veil. And if anyone gets a run in their stocking (if you’re actually wearing stockings, which WHY), you can arrest its progress with a little blob of polish.

5. Safety pins. Zippers pop at a rate of two per wedding. One of them could be yours. Be ready.

6. Extra bobby pins. In a variety of colors, if possible.

On to what goes into the big bag...

7. A pair of scissors. Rogue strings happen.

8. A needle and thread. Like I said, zippers bust at a rate of two per wedding. This is the best way to be prepared.

9. A bottle of water. Sometimes you get stuck in a little back room with the rest of the bridal party/groomsmen for like an hour--and there’s no AC.

10. Straws. So that you can drink said water without effing up your lipstick.

11. Pain relievers. My go-kit includes Tylenol, Advil, Excedrin, Naprogesic, and a few assorted allergy meds.

12. A comb or a brush. Tailor these for your hair and the hair of the people around you.

13. Extra hair ties. Because if not you, SOMEONE is going to want to pull their hair back.

14. Hairspray. This works like nothing else to get veils to stay stiff and look pretty in pictures. I learned this the first time I was a maid of honor. You also need it for its original purpose--your hair. TIGI Bed Head Hard Head hairspray has great hold and no color--so it's safe to spray on that delicate veil.

15. Dryer sheets. Gets rid of static cling AND smells nice. Awesome.

16. Eyedrops or eyeglass cleaner. Assume your eyes are going to hate you at some point. Nobody wants to look like a True Blood vampire in photos.

17. Granola bars. For those times when Jolly Ranchers just aren’t enough.

18. Tweezers. In my career as a bridesmaid (I haven’t been a groomswoman yet, but that day is probably coming), I’ve used tweezers to reapply fake eyelashes, remove splinters from body parts, to assist me in sewing jobs and seam-ripping, last minute eyebrow fixes, AND to comedically threaten photographers trying to get pictures of me while I’m doing weird stuff.

19. Eye makeup remover. In case of emotional emergencies, you need to be able to fix up mascara/liner/shadow issues on the go.

20. Q-tips. See number 19.

21. A fold-up umbrella. I don’t know about you guys, but when my hair is immaculate and my makeup is done, I do NOT want to be subject to the whims of climate change. Even if the day looks sunny, I take a little umbrella with me. You never know.

22. FLATS. Because you WILL take those heels off eventually. Like I said last week, no matter how cute your pedicure is, you do not want to be barefoot on the dance floor. Or in the parking lot.

With this stuff on hand, you’ll be more than equipped to deal with anything that the day throws at you!

What to carry if you're actually the one getting married? You'll just have to wait for part three. In the meantime, tell me what you tote when you're on bridesmaid duty. Did I miss anything?