Quick Question: What Beauty Advice Did Your Mom Give You That You Totally Ignored?

Maybe it's because it's a habit you can't break? Or maybe the advice just really sucked?
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May 10, 2013
Quick Question, mothers, dermatillomania

My mom has been pretty spot-on with the beauty advice she unfurled over the years. She's never claimed to be an expert, and I've watched her make her own beauty mistakes, whether it was a too-dark box hair color or a too-light foundation.

She also knew which of her mother's advice made sense for her to take. If she hadn't edited my Grandma Bea's beauty guidance to suit her personal preferences, my mom would probably look like a bizarre Liz Taylor/Dolly Parton/Judith Light hybrid.

The vast majority of my mother's beauty advice to me has been objective. While she may tell me that she doesn't love a certain lip color on me, the stuff she really nags me about is the stuff anyone would benefit from. The one I've heard the most: "STOP PICKING YOUR FACE, MARCI."

Both my mom and dad all but smacked my hands when I'd pick my nails, which I did up until a couple years ago and still have sporadic bouts. But dermatillomania is a bitch, so even though I'm leaving my nails alone for the most part, I can't keep my hands off things like zit scabs.

So it's not that I'm poo-pooing the advice. It's good advice! Following it is just not so straightforward.

So, in honor (is honor really the right word here?) of Mother's Day, today's Quick Question is: What beauty advice did your mom give you that you totally ignored?