Beauty-Centric Ideas For Working In 'Something Blue' On Your Wedding Day

A lot of brides opt for their “something blue” to be in the form of a bow sewn onto their garter, but there are a ton of options that are more unique and relevant to beauty fanatics.

“Something old, something new, something
borrowed, something blue.” Did you have something blue at your wedding?
Apparently, this is not only for luck, but is also meant to ward off the Evil
Eye, which can leave a bride barren. So, for those of you who aren’t yet
married, this is oviously something very serious to consider. I don’t know about you,
but I’d never want to be sterile due to a stupid, hasty mistake I made when I
was planning my wedding.

Superstitious origins aside, a lot of
modern brides choose to adhere to the old rhyme in the spirit of tradition. My
sister’s wedding is almost here and, while she breezed through the first three
requirements, the last one gave her pause.

I know a lot of brides who opt for
their “something blue” to be in the form of a bow sewn onto their garter, but
there are, of course, a ton of options that are more unique and relevant to beauty fanatics.

Nail Polish

Usually, your wedding day is all about the
pinkish-nude Essie cult favourite, right? A nice blue nail polish is something
unexpected, however.

I think a light hue would be up
anyone's alley, but there are a million different shades to choose from. You
could even do an accent nail in blue, if you so desire.

I love Essie Mint Candy
Apple for this idea which, as the name suggests, is a mint colour that is very
sky-blue in application.

If you prefer your nails to be a more traditional shade, you can do your pedicure in blue to compensate.

A Hair

I once read a blog post from a girl who
dyed her hair blue for her sister’s wedding. While I, personally, think this is
an adorable idea, a lot of brides want their wedding photos to be “What were we

An alternative to this is to get those chalk pastels out the
cupboard from that dip-dye trend of times past and coat a small streak of hair
blue. It can be as noticeable or subtle as the bride desires.

If you have dark
hair, remember to wet it before colouring it so that it shows up. You
could also buy a clip in extension in blue--I’ve seen a ton of them at
discount stores.

A Pretty
Hair Accessory

My sister finally found her “something
blue” at Forever New in the form of a pretty hair clip, which she was
looking for anyway.


While I’m sure that most brides aren’t
anxiously searching for a tube of blue lipstick for their special day, there is a way to sneak some blue into your makeup
while still maintaining a classic look: blue-based makeup.

What I mean by this
is cosmetics that have a blue base to their hue, such as lipsticks like MAC
Pink Nouveau, or a classic blue-based red lipstick. The bonus of a lipstick with blue
undertones is that your teeth may look whiter. Cheating the system is the best, and besides, who’s monitoring (besides the fertility gods)?

There are as many ideas out there for your
“something blue” as there are wedding blogs and websites, but I love the idea
of my blue thing being in hair and makeup and not under or in a dress.

the married commenters: what did you do for your “something blue”? For the
unmarried: would you wear blue lipstick or dye your hair blue for your wedding?