You Asked: "How Do I Blow-Dry My Bangs?"

In today's video, I'm breaking down how to get the immaculate bang blow-out of your Vulcan dreams.

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! I hope you're ready for some video awesomeness. As always, if you can't see the video below, you can watch it at the source.

Points of interest...

The how-to begins. Say hello to my widow's peak, and also some excellent wisdom about wet and dry hair. Debate about the name of a beauty product. It's all happening. (1:00)

The first technique: brushing everything the opposite way that it wants to go. Sound crazy? Do not judge me until you have tried my ways! Also, I kind of steal The Fonz's hairstyle. No shame. (2:59)

The second technique: taut n' twirl. It's hard to explain, but I promise it makes sense when you see it in action. (3:17)

A side-swept bangs digression. You CAN use these same techniques to style sideways fringes! (3:31)

The third technique: the twirl and brush. For those days when you want your curl to drop out extra fast. Fun fact: I had to cut a Little Women joke here, and that makes me SO SAD. (3:45)

Fun with combs and geometry! How to make sure your bangs are totally even across your face. (3:55)

The ultimate hairspray & smoothing technique. Seriously, DON'T USE YOUR COMB FOR THIS. You don't want tooth-tracks in your bangs! It's not the look! (4:15)

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And now I open the floor to you: What are your best bang blowdrying secrets? Is my opening joke funny? It's been a crazy week, and I can't tell anymore.