VIDEO: How To Get Ombré Lips

When you can't choose just one lip color...wear two!

Hi everyone, and welcome back to VIDEO TIME! Today I'm showing you how to get this amazing dark purple and red ombré lip. Press play down below to watch and learn!

Did you miss the oft-referenced Marilyn Manson tutorial? Check it out here! Also, the two lip products I used are NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils in Train Bleu (dark purple) and Cruella (deep red). These pencils are incomparable for the smooth, rich formula, amazing color, comfort and perfect wear--you'll apply this once and it'll still be perfect hours later.

AND! Because I love you guys so much (and because you said you liked it the last time Kalle made one), I've put together a helpful step-by-step chart to show you how to get this look!

1. Assemble your materials.2. Here are my naked lips.3. Outline with the dark purple.4. Fill in halfway with purple.5. Line inside of mouth with red; fill to purple.6. Add more purple; roughly blend into red with short, feathery strokes.7. Smoosh lips together to blend.8. Neaten up lines.9. Tah dah! Beautiful!

  • Are you a fan of the dark ombré lip?
  • What are your favorite lip colors to blend together?
  • Is anyone else driven CRAZY by the light inner lip line that always happens when you wear dark lipstick? Seriously. It's crazy-making.