I Use Vapor Rub Instead of Foot Cream and You Should, Too

I finally found a technique that keeps my normally cracked feet looking and feeling soft and supple.
Publish date:
July 7, 2015
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For as long as I can remember, my feet have not been the most attractive. No matter how many pedicures I’ve gotten or how many lotions I’ve tried, nothing has been able to undo what nature stuck me with: naturally dry skin.

Dry skin is pretty annoying. But dry, scratchy, and callused skin on a body part that is already pretty offensive to other people to begin with? Well, that’s just plain unfair. So imagine how happy I was when I finally found a technique that keeps my normally cracked feet looking and feeling soft and supple—and the best part is that it requires minimal upkeep and a short list of ingredients.

What You Need:

  • Pumice Stone
  • Clean socks
  • 1 jar of menthol vapor rub (you can use brand name, but I find that the generic brand does the exact same job in a more cost-effective way)
  • Other than some elbow grease, that’s it!

Vapor rub? Really?


I’d imagine plain petroleum jelly might have similar results if you can’t stomach the smell of menthol. Studies are mixed on the effectiveness of vapor rub for cough relief, and depending on the brand you use there may be higher levels of camphor, which is toxic when ingested, so it’s highly advised to avoid using vapor rub on your mouth, directly under your nose, or around your eyes. I have had zero side effects from using it as a cosmetic ointment, but everybody’s health concerns are different, so if you believe you may have an allergy or adverse reaction, then this may not be the treatment for you.

How does this work?

Before you hit the sack, grab your jar of vapor rub and a pair of clean socks. Use a cotton swab to apply a thin layer of the rub directly onto your feet around the cracked heels and on any other dry or callused spots. Then put your clean socks on over the rub.

When you wake up, your feet should be noticeably softer, and the dry patches will have smoothed out. Voila! Beautiful summertime feet!

How do I make sure these results last?

I find that I only need to apply the rub to my feet once a week as long as I do some minor maintenance throughout the week. Grab your pumice stone and spend a few minutes in the shower buffing out the spots that get rough and dry. If you buff every day, you should be able to go a full week or two before needing another dose of vapor rub.

I have tried every (read: affordable) foot cream and lotion out there, and none of them have given me results like this.

  • What’s the wackiest treatment for dry skin you’ve ever tried?
  • How do you keep your feet looking great during summer?