Conditioning Your Eyebrows: Crazy or Crazy-Brilliant?

I'll try anything in the name of gorgeous brows.

If you’ve been on any social media long enough, you’ve probably seen this image:

Weel, dear readers, I have a confession to make: I have fallen prey to Bad Brows. Or at least Accidentally Overplucked Brows, which in the year of our Lord Cara Delevingne, is the practically the same thing.

I’m not even sure how or when it happened. I am a stress-plucker, and there’s been quite a lot of stress in my life this year, which has probably contributed to my teeny brow situation. A situation that I urgently need to remedy; my job is dependent on people listening to me, and how will anyone listen to me if I have subpar eyebrows?

So for the last four weeks, I’ve been growing them out. It’s been hard--they look strange and unkempt, and I’ve REALLY become aware of how strong my urge to fuss with my brows has gotten.

One of the weirdest things I’ve noticed about my eyebrows as they grow is that they’re really coarse. This shouldn’t be a surprise, given the mane-like texture of the rest of my hair, but realising you have a small fringe of dwarf-beard above your eyes is always a bit of a shock.

I'm also noticing that each eyebrow seems to come from a totally different planet. I know, I know: brows are sisters rather than twins. But in my case, my right brow is Elizabeth Wakefield--quiet, obedient, overachieving--and my left brow is the borderline-psychopathic Jessica. Those individual hairs grow in all sorts of bizarre directions, including straight out from my face, and no spoolie brush in the world is able to tame them.

Then, last weekend, I had a brainwave. Guys with beards condition their facial hair all the time to keep it feeling soft, right? So why couldn’t I do the same for my eyebrows? Maybe conditioning my brows would provide the softening, taming help that I need while I go through this hellish period of regrowth!

I immediately googled “eyebrow conditioner” and found nothing, save some shady-looking back alley products that promised to make my brows grow in thicker. I found some interesting looking beard products, but they didn’t seem to have any ingredients that made them significantly different than my normal hair conditioner.

So rather than spend money on something that might have a weird lumberjack smell, I decided to use what I had on hand: a tube of OGX Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil 3 Minute Miraculous Recovery deep conditioner.

I thought that this might be good for a few reasons: one, it’s what I use on my hair after I colour it, and it always makes it feel extra-nice after the stress; two, the smell doesn’t bug me, and since it’s going on my face, that’s pretty important; and three, the texture of the product is quite firm, rather than runny, which meant that there would be less chance of it getting in my eyes.

I can’t stress this enough: you DO NOT want to get conditioner in your eyeballs. I was very vigilant about doing this the safest way possible, and I want you guys to do the same.

I started by pressing a warm cotton washcloth on my brows for about a minute. Conditioner always works best on my hair when I wash it with warm water, so probably the same thing applies to eyebrows.

Next, I took a very small amount of the conditioner and rubbed it between my fingers a little to break it up. This made it easier to apply.

Then I coated each eyebrow with the conditioner. I put a little more on Jessica Wakefield Left Brow, to make sure that the erstwhile weird angle hairs were completely covered and pushed down.

Then I set a timer for four minutes to really let the conditioner sink in. I wandered around singing songs to my dog to help pass the time, because I’m really bad at sitting still and waiting patiently for things.

If you have long eyelashes, you’re going to want to be careful not to look up while the conditioner is on your eyebrows. It’s really easy for long lashes to touch the conditioner and potentially transfer it to your eyes when you blink. Stare straight ahead or look down instead!

Afterwards, I wiped the majority of the conditioner off with my washcloth, then rinsed with warm water. I was really careful to keep my eyes closed, because like I said, nobody wants conditioner in their eyes.

And guess what! IT WORKED.

Not only were my brows a lot softer and smoother, but the crazy hairs in my left eyebrow were all pointing in the same direction. They felt soft and smooth, and I was able to get a clearer idea of how my brows were growing back. Because all the hairs were laying down, it was easier to fill in my eyebrows when it was time to do my makeup.

Most importantly, because my brows felt soft, I was far less tempted to attack them with my tweezers--which is what got me into this problem in the first place.

I’ve been conditioning my eyebrows every other day for about a week now, and it’s really helped me deal with the regrowth process. Conditioner may not make my eyebrows grow back any quicker, but it is helping them look and feel their best while they do. And that’s totally what I want.

Have you guys ever conditioned your eyebrows? Do you think you’ll start? Anyone else going through a rough brow-regrowth period like me?