Quick Question: Do You Use Any Beauty Products On Your Pets?

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May 17, 2013
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My older dog, Max, is a grumpy little curmudgeon who's pretty much falling apart in sad, adorable ways.

If he's awake, he's whining and whimpering and growling about something, even if he's apparently happy; sometimes he's got all the energy in the world, and other times, he falls down for no reason. He's 13, and that's pretty damn old for a dog, so sometimes I worry about his health.

This morning, for example, he did some serious puking. Sure, dogs puke every now and then, but this was major. Ochre-colored awfulness on an empty stomach, on my couch and bed. Not a normal color, and not normal locations. (My dogs are really good about puking on hard floor--easier to clean up.)

Poor Max. We're looking into what caused it.

In the meantime, he smells kind of awful, so I took one of my Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes and gave him a thorough wipe-down. It did a good job of gently freshening him up without having to stick him in the shower.

In fact, short of taking Rufus, my younger dog, to the groomer, I pretty much have to do wipe-downs because he is DEATHLY AFRAID OF THE SHOWER. I only recently taught him to step inside it without freaking the freak out.

I'm not one to paint my dogs' toenails, but I see no harm in using a sensitive-skin-appropriate face wipe on their fur every now and then. I mean, I once saw dog wipes in the CVS bargain bin next to computer screen wipes, and they had the SAME INGREDIENTS. Pretty sure Yes To Cucumbers uses better stuff.

So, today's Quick Question: Do you ever use beauty products on your pets? Also, how do I get ochre-colored puke out of upholstery?