Unplanned Sleepover? Keep These Products In Your Bag For Stress-Free Couch Crashing

Even if your going-out purse is on the small side, you can pack these things and feel safe knowing that you'll wake the next morning feeling some semblance of responsibility.

I have a habit of falling asleep at other people's houses. Usually, it's because the subways in Toronto stop running around 1:30 AM, and the cabs are too expensive. If someone's got a free couch, and I've been out on the town, I will probably face-plant in their living room.

About a month ago, I crashed at my friends' house. Thankfully, they had a spare contact lens case for me to put my lenses in, and I managed to swish some toothpaste around in my mouth the next morning in an attempt to feel semi-human, but there were a lot of issues: falling asleep with my makeup on, not having any SPF on my face the following morning and, argh, I didn't even have any sunglasses.

Then, two weeks ago, I crashed on my sister's boyfriend's couch after we'd thrown her birthday party at his place. This time, I'd brought a case for my contacts, but I still fell asleep with my makeup on, and for the sunny walk home the next morning, I had to borrow a pair of shades (you'd think I would learn).

So, from these experiences I'm starting to realize that I need to be a lot better prepared. Through research and tapping into my own ingenuity, I figured out some solutions for those times when you've just got to crash. Even if your going-out purse is on the small side, you can pack the following things and feel safe and sound knowing that, should you sleep somewhere other than home, you'll wake the next morning feeling some semblance of responsibility.

To start, let's make sure our makeup gets taken off before we go to sleep, OK? Depending on the size of your purse, you can keep a 10-pack of Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towelettes stashed away, or if you're really lacking space, then there are the individually packaged La Fresh Travel Lite Facial Cleansing Wipes and Makeup Remover Wipes. The latter two have moisturizing formulas, and wipes that are biodegradable and compostable. Plus, they're only slightly bigger than the Wet Naps you get when you eat chicken wings.

Then, there are contact lens cases. Of course, if you wear contacts then you want to keep a case on hand that's pre-filled with lens solution. On top of that, I recommend having an extra case with moisturizer in one compartment and facial SPF in the other, because the wells of a contact lens case are the perfect size for single-use squeezes of lotions and potions. Keeping these products with you in a miniaturized format means you can go to bed with soothed and moisturized skin, and protect it from the rays of the sun when you head out in the morning.

The daily SPF I've been using lately is Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Cream SPF 30, which has 100% mineral UVA and UVB sun filters and a formula that doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.

Next up, we need to take care of your teeth. Travel toothbrushes are getting smaller and smaller, but purse real estate is precious, which is where Fresh-Tips come in. Shaped like a mini lollipop, these disposable tooth cleaners use xylitol to keep your teeth, gums and tongue clean and can be thrown away when you're finished.

Now, I know when I crash at people's houses it usually involves me falling asleep in my clothes. Turns out, a leather pencil skirt is not an ideal pajama bottom. Plus, sleeping in your clothes can leave you feeling kind of sweaty and gross the next day.

That's why Cheeki underwear is super-amazing. Just like the makeup remover wipes I mentioned above, this underwear, available in four styles and various colours, come in individually packaged sleeves that you can rip open whenever you might need a fresh pair of underthings.

Finally, pack your sunglasses and a sheer lip colour that can double as blush. I like Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. As long as your lips and cheeks are flushed with a pretty hue, you'll look somewhat "done" the next day and feel a little less sketchy picking up coffee and taking early-morning transit home.

However, nothing I recommend will be as rewarding as taking a hot shower when you finally get to your own place.

Do you think you'll be implementing any of these tips into your own going-out routine? It's important to be prepared! Be the Girl (or Boy) Scout of partying, OK?