Typography-Inspired Brows: Colorfully Underline, Strikethrough, Embolden and More

Inspired by the runway and taken to the nerd level.
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July 14, 2015
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Remember making PowerPoint presentations in high school? I was so into customizing the fonts and pictures and effects. And I was real good at it! I wish that translated into computer graphic design skills, but in that department, I am quite the basic bitch. Analog, if you will.

Fonts are cool and all, and like eyebrows, what once symbolized individuality has become a bit more standard, and accepted styles filter in cycles rather than it being a free-for-all. I love my brows—somewhere in between angled and straight is their best look—but I love to play with them as a means of expression.

The look I came up with below are inspired by images from the Chanel 2016 Cruise showcase, and since I can’t afford Chanel or cruises (plus I get seasick), I'll just have fun with eyebrow makeup instead.


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I combined the desire to try this Chanel look with its typographical appeal to come up with a few bonus looks.

Outlined Brows

This is my version of the Chanel look using butter London’s Wink Eye Pencil in Indigo Punk. After a spot of research, it occurred to me that this look was loosely based on a common 1920s flapper look called hollow eyebrows. I love the mysterious but still striking look that this look pulls off. Brows are bold and angles play on your face while you have this uncanny doll-like quality about you.

To get this look trace the top and underside of your brows with the straightest lines possible. You can even use this with a pencil in a "normal" color and blend inwards for a really quick way to fill in brows, closer to the original Chanel look.

Strikethrough Brows

Evocative of your 7th grade book reports, here I used Kryolan’s Ruby Red Cream Liner to accent the shape of my brows with an angled red strikethrough effect. Kryolan is a tried and true professional line that makes unusual colors that are safe to use everywhere. It’s actually quite rare to find a red eyeliner!

To get this look, use an eyeliner brush to draw a line from head to point in the center of your naked eyebrow, mimicking the angle.

Underlined Brows

My absolute favorite! I have played with this a few times, drawing green, gold, blue and pink lines under my brows for outings when I know the light will play tricks. In some lights, this look doesn’t even register as weird, since the darker colors just look like more eyebrows and the lighter as highlights. But when the light hits you full on and people notice the brightly colorored swipe on your arch, as Christine’s sister said when we met and she saw my brows, "THEY’RE ON FLEEEEEEEEK!"

This was the simplest one to execute. Do brows like you normally would and then simply trace the underside with the color of your choice. Here, I used butter London’s Wink Eye Pencil in Holland Park, which gave me a rich peacock blue that looks amazing in bright and dim lighting.

Bold Brows

Instead of using my typical darkest brown powders, pencils and gels to get my signature bold brows, I used a black and sparkly something from Kat Von D Beauty’s fall launches that I got to sneaky peaky. It’s called Black #1 and is a really delightful shimmery shadow that gave my brows a badgalriri edge without looking like an unfortunate Sharpie accident.

I took a fat eyeliner brush (not the angled pointy kind) and simply shaded in my brows with the pigmented dust until I got them to this "natural" but still "off" level.

Italic Brows

I’ve always wanted gold eyebrows. If you could dye your hair or get metallic gold tattoos and not die, I would in a heartbeat. I just love gold soooo much as a color, a metal, and a mood. This brow look is subtle but hard to ignore, it implies that the brows are supernatural, which is AOK with me.

Kryolan’s Proliner in Gold is what I used to get this look. First I outlined the brows top and bottom, then I blended it in. I applied extra pigment by sticking a spoolie brush into the liquid formula and applying extra to the hair.

I suppose you can try this look with standard eyebrow colors, but this was pure fun. I have even combined some of these techniques with my standard brow look; it’s great for events and going out, and makes me feel like a star.

  • Would you try any of these out? In bright or neutral colors?
  • What’s your favorite font?

Photos: Maria Penaloza