6 Products That Turn Bath Time Into Beach Time, If You Squint Hard Enough

It's like spring break in your bathtub, minus the drunk frat guys.

It’s that time of year again: spring break. Soon, our Facebook and Instagram feeds will
be overflowing with photos of sunny beach vacations and smiling friends on Sea-Doos. As much as I’d love to drop everything and join them, I must remind
myself that I, personally, do not get a spring break, and even if I did, I
probably couldn’t afford it right now.

But because it’s still
thawing here, and I miss the sea, I made plans to visit the next best
destination: my friend Brianne’s bathtub.

I don't have a bathtub of my own, but luckily, Brianne has been kind enough to let me use hers whenever I’m
feeling desperate. When I called to tell her I needed to turn her bathtub into
a beach vacation for the sake of my sanity, she very nicely agreed. I "booked" a time,
packed up my sun hat, sunglasses, and ocean-themed products, and headed her

I really wanted to indulge my
mermaid fantasies with this bath, so I went a little crazy with the "ingredients." To replicate this bath, you’ll need to take a trip to Lush and
pick up:

• 1 Big Blue Bath Bomb

• 1 Sunny Side Bubble Bar

• 1 tub of Ocean Salt Scrub

Optional additions:

• 1 bar of Sea Vegetable Soap

• Big Solid Conditioner

Mermaid Perfume

• Epsom salts (in case you want an extra salty bath)

So the absolute most important
part of the bathtub beach is the Big Blue Bath Bomb.

Loaded with a calming lavender-lemon scent and chunks of skin-softening, nutrient-packed arame seaweed, this
bath bomb turns bath water a bright, tropical blue.

Next, I added in half of the Sunny Side bubble bar.

Next, I added in half of the Sunny Side Bubble Bar. Golden and glittery, this citrusy bar fills your tub
with glittering bubbles.

Once in the tropical vacation that
is now your bathtub, it’s time to scrub off all that dirt and grime you’ve
picked up walking around on land. Start off with a thick coating of Ocean Salt,
a face and body scrub that smells exactly like a lime margarita.

A blend of vodka, coconut, avocado
butter, sea salt and lime, this scrub has all the makings of one of my
favourite tropical cocktails, but sadly, you can’t drink it. Instead, rub it
all over your body in a circular motion or with a washcloth and then

Your bath is now totally Sandals resort material, but if you want to take your
indulgent bath time vacay to the next level, there are a few extra steps you
can add.

If the scrub didn’t quite get you
feeling clean enough, Sea Vegetable will do the trick. Laced with seaweed,
sea salt, lavender and lime, this soap gently exfoliates and softens.

If you’re craving a deep
conditioning treatment for your hair while you soak, coat your locks in Big Solid Conditioner, which features sea salt for texture, coconut oil and seaweed for
moisture, and jasmine, lemon and lime for scent.

And finally, the Pièce de
Mermaid Perfume. I am a little bit crazy about this perfume
right now. With heavy notes of orange
blossom, this scent is like summer sunshine in a bottle. Spritz some into the
air while you bathe, or invest in the super-cute candle version!