How To Transform 5 Makeup Products With Just A Little Vaseline

The guy who patented petroleum jelly should win a posthumous Nobel Prize.
Publish date:
May 7, 2013
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Lotions and creams may come and go, but one thing that’s stuck around in our beauty stash for ages is Vaseline.

When we think about that tub of gooeyness, we’re taken back to simpler times, when Vaseline could fix everything. Like when our mom would put it on our lips in the winter or dab it on scraped up knees to prevent scarring; or when our grandfather would smear it on our doorframe so monsters would slip and fall.

We have to admit, in our adulthood, we’ve neglected Vaseline in favor of fancier moisturizing products. But because our skin just seems to get drier and drier with age, we’ve decided to reunite with our old friend and even find some new beauty uses for it.


Pia, here. One day, Runa came home with five or six different shades of deep red lipstick. We don’t usually wear deep reds, so naturally, I accused her of being colorblind (we have the “Is this pink or red?” argument frequently). She said she saw something in the shades that I don’t (so of course I said, “What, that you think they’re pink?”).

Anyway, she grabbed our trusty Vaseline and smeared some on her wrist, added a bit of one of the colors into it and dabbed it on my lips. It created a sheer red stain—a look I’d always desired, but had been too afraid of deep reds to try.

It’s great if you prefer a subtle flush of color over a bolder pop of red.


We’re notorious for breaking our makeup. It’s like anything that comes enters our purses will be smashed to pieces within a matter of hours. When you’re constantly running around and occasionally smacking your sister with your purse (or drop it on the floor in a bar and step on it), it happens.

Vaseline just so happens to be great for salvaging a broken powder products, like a favorite blush, and turning it into something new.

We love our NARS Blush in Seduction. It’s a slightly plummy shade that we never thought of trying on our lips. When on of our beloved compacts shattered with little left to piece it back together, we crushed it up and mixed it with two dime-sized dollops of Vaseline.

You have to mix and mix until all the powder is incorporated with the Vaseline, but what we ended up with was a very pretty lip gloss that’s all our own.


Runa, here. So Pia is pretty picky with powder compacts because she has rather dry skin, so when she did this trick to mine, I thought she was trying to destroy it until I realized she’s some sort of evil genius.

We were going on vacation, and I asked Pia to grab my makeup bag before we left for the airport, which she neglected to do, so I wound up stuck in Florida with zero supplies. I was complaining because I left my concealer home and my dark eyes were extra raccoon-like that morning.

She took my face powder, scooped a teeny bit out and smushed a pea-sized amount of Vaseline in it, mixing it until the color distributed but the texture was still slightly thick, like a concealer.

I dabbed it under my eyes and it worked! Not nearly as well as a concealer, of course, but such a life saver when you forget a key beauty item at home.


We’ve all made mistakes when attempting the latest eyeliner trends. A geometry lesson on my teeny lids? Sure, why not?

Vaseline is a great tool for fixing an eyeliner attempt gone wrong. If you’re using a pencil, dip the tip in a bit of Vaseline and run over the lines you’ve drawn. You’ll be able to stretch and shape them into the something more presentable and erase anything you don’t want by going over with a Q-tip.

Also, if you have shaky hands, Vaseline can prevent eyeliner from traveling anywhere you don’t want it too. Just rub a bit where you want your eyeliner to stop, and it will prevent color from adhering to your skin, keeping your line controlled when your hands aren’t.


Have you ever sat next to someone wearing so much cologne that it gave you a headache? Or worse, your own perfume made you sneeze?

We don’t handle strong fragrances very well, so we love to get creative when it comes to scented moisturizers.

A great way to make a perfume more wearable without buying the accompanying lotion is to add some Vaseline to it. No, don’t pour it into the bottle--it will look like a test-tube creature. Just take some Vaseline in the palm of your hand and spritz your favorite perfume in. Mix it with your pinky and rub it on your pulse points.

The Vaseline will help hold onto the scent and keep your skin moisturized, and you won’t have to spray it, keeping it away from your nose, out of your hair and off your clothing.

What are some of your beauty uses for Vaseline? Do tell!