9 Tips From The Self-Proclaimed Oiliest Woman In The World

OK, so she's not REALLY the oiliest woman in the world, but my roommate Meghan definitely has some great advice on how to avoid appearing slick or dirty.

As a beauty writer and all-around product enthusiast, I really love helping my roommates with their various qualms and concerns. It's one of the best ways to test new stuff and discover great products you might never have stumbled upon otherwise.

My roommate Meghan is not only the owner of fancy nail-wearing Fizzgig but a lovely person who enriches my life in all sorts of ways. (You can all say, "Awwwww" now, I just set it up for you.)

She is also very oily.

As someone who has never had problems with excess oil production, this was a learning experience for me. I keep telling her she'll look younger longer! But she never looks dirty or slick, so I asked her for some advice for those of you who might be dealing with what she calls "Oily Girl Problems.” (I refused to hashtag that.)

Oil can fight oil, at least on your face.

I gave her a bottle of Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Day Oil. She uses a few drops each morning and says it has really helped keep her face from sliding down her shirt every day.

Forget eyeshadow.

"Do you want it to float up to your eyebrows?" Meghan uses Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion to keep her eyeliner in place, not eyeshadow.

"Smoky eye? Can't do that. It looks like a caterpillar died in your brows."

Not very many shampoos work well enough for oily hair.

Meghan has to strip all the moisture from her hair every day. There's no second-day hair in an updo for her.

"I will look like I just rubbed a bucket of fried chicken in my head. Sorry I ruined your wedding photos!"

Meghan recently made the switch to LUSH I Love Juicy shampoo and Veganese conditioner. They have proven to eat up the oil and keep her hair feeling light and manageable throughout the day, though she thinks they smell a bit like vomit.

I Love Juicy uses a blend of acidic pineapple/mango and sea salt to cut down on oil, while Veganese softens and pumps up the volume of your hair with lemon for shininess and lavender to calm crazy hair down. This combination keeps Meghan’s hair soft without weighing it down.

Also: “Don’t touch your hair ever. Never, ever touch it. Fight every urge.”


The best your skin will ever be is if you're in a chlorinated pool two to three times per week, says ex-swimmer Meghan.

Time your bangs carefully.

Be careful about what time of year you decide to get "boredom bangs." Summer is asking for trouble.

Dry shampoo doesn't work.

Or at least it didn't until Meghan learned that if you're extra-oily, you have to really spritz that stuff millimeters from your scalp and then let it "sit" before styling.

Meghan still prefers her $1 baby powder to absorb excess oil when she just really can't wash her hair.

Toilet seat covers make good oil blotting sheets.

“When you’re in a bar and people are taking pictures and you look shiny, you gotta go get a toilet seat cover. I know that sounds gross, but it works.”

Pre-treat your pillows.

Put shampoo on your pillowcases before you wash them because it breaks up all the oil better than detergent alone.

Don't fret.

Remember this, oily girls: “You always look oilier to yourself than you do to other people.”

Are any of you oily chicks? Do you have any tips for Meghan? What products zap your oil production best?