The 5 Best Time-Saving, Long-Lasting Tricks in My Beauty Routine

Take a couple extra minutes here to save a whole bunch of minutes elsewhere.
Publish date:
March 4, 2016

Getting ready in the morning can be such a drag in winter. Just the thought of trying to be washed, dressed, made-up, and out the door while it’s still dark out makes me want to turn up the electric blanket a tick and stay in bed forever.

To ease my mornings a bit I’ve been doing much of my routine at night and finding ways to make steps last as long as possible.

TWO DAYS: Easy weekend nail art

I’ve mentioned a few times that nail art is frowned upon at my day job. It’s a bummer, but not to fear! If I want a full weekend of a hot mani, glitter and all, without the hassle of trying to remove heavy glitter on a Sunday night, I use OPI Glitter Off for the base coat and Seche Vite for the top-coat.

The OPI Glitter Off base coat is the only one I’ve used that has actually lasted through a shower, until I actually decided I wanted to peel it off the next day. Seche Vite is the top runner for top coats because it adds a lot of strength to the manicure so chips won’t lead to this base coat just peeling off.

THREE DAYS: Clean-looking hair

I try to wash my hair every other day to keep it from looking too greasy, but if I need to eke out another day, I turn to two dry-shampoo powerhouses.

So many dry shampoos don’t have enough powder in them to make your hair actually look totally clean. Which is like, fine, if you just want to add some texture, but if you are looking to nix the grease, look no further than Bumble and bumble Pret-a-Powder and Batiste Dry Shampoo.

Pret-a-Powder is the less grease-busting of the two, so use it on days when you want to add more volume and have only moderately greasy hair. When you really need to pull out the big guns, go for Batiste in your hair-color range. The darker colors make sure I have no white cast in my hair, which is super-important when I dry shampoo while running out the door.

ONE WEEK: Healthy-looking hair

I am somewhat obsessed with making sure my hair is as healthy as possible, or at least that it looks as healthy as possible. Did you know that coconut oil is one of the only oils capable of penetrating the hair and actually strengthening it? Pretty effing cool.

I like to slather my ends in coconut oil and let it sit for at least a few hours before washing, once a week. This makes sure to keep my hair looking and feeling healthy, despite any blow-drying or heat styling that I may do.

TWO WEEKS: Hair removal

It’s my preference to have hair-free legs. My stupidly sensitive skin can’t take the heat of shaving ever day or every other day to keep up with my fast growing hair, though. Enter the Braun Silk Epil 5 Epilator.

After getting used to the sensation of having a little machine tweeze out your hair, this became a favorite step in my routine. It is so worth it to me to do a once over my legs every other week to keep my legs fuzz free.

ONE MONTH: Polished toe nails

I really hate going to the nail salon, but it used to be the only place to get a gel manicure/pedicure. Now pretty much everywhere you look, you can find an at-home gel kit for the same cost of two or three gel manicures.

The Sensationail Gel Starter Kit is my favorite of the drugstore variety. I use it on my fingernails whenever I go on trips for a week and a half or so of chip free, perfect polish. But I use it on my toenails literally always since I bought it over a year ago.

I only have to do my toes maybe once a month because toenails grow much more slowly and take way less damage than fingernails. So really, I only have to redo them when I feel like changing the color. It’s the best.

  • Would you rather wake up early and enjoy your whole morning routine, or wake up late and get it done as quickly as possible?
  • How do you speed up your morning routine?
  • What are your best tricks for making results last?