This Toothpaste Tastes Like Candy!

Unfortunately, I won't be using it anymore.
Publish date:
October 23, 2013
paraben-free, teeth, glo, fluoride, toothpaste, haz a flavor

Did anyone ever get that special delicious children's toothpaste as a child? It came in tasty flavours like "bubble fruit" and had your favourite cartoon characters on the tube? Well, I did, and I guess I've been disappointed by all the grown-up toothpaste options ever since.

I've tried every new toothpaste I can get my hands on, spending up to $17 on a single tube (damn you, Marvis Jasmine!), but nothing ever really tasted that good and/or had the effects I wanted.

But then I met GLO Superberry toothpaste, and I instantly fell head over heels.

This toothpaste tastes unreal. It's like a minty-fresh berry-infused mouthful of fun with every brushstroke.

Better yet, it apparently has no parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, GMOs, triclosan or phthalates, which are all creepy things I like to avoid putting in my mouth. This product does have fluoride, but I've found in the past I don't stand a chance against cavities when using my all-natural fluoride-free toothpaste, so I was willing to accept this.

The coolest part of this toothpaste? It has vitamins, antioxidants, natural whitening silicates, and CoQ10 to help promote tooth and gum health while you brush. It claims to be gentle enough for even the most sensitive of teeth, but still strong enough to whiten. Oh, and it’s ever so slightly pink.

Heartbreaking side note: I just read the ingredients over again and this toothpaste, sadly, contains gelatin, so it’s not going to work for you if you care about that sort of animal product stuff like I do. Go forth, non-vegans, and enjoy the wonders of Glo toothpaste. It’s back to the drawing board for me.

Do you have a favourite toothpaste? A vegan one? HELP!