I WANT To Look Oily: Beauty Ideas Inspired By 'There Will Be Blood'

You may be thinking, "How does a movie about oil and greed fit into a beauty website?" But I believe if something is a beautiful work of art to begin with, it can spawn many beautiful little babies, including hair and makeup looks.

There Will Be Blood is one of my favourite films, by one of my favourite directors, P.T. Anderson.

If you haven't seen it (which ... why not?), the basic plotline is about a beautiful, sociopathic self-made businessman named Daniel Plainview (played by the perfect angel that is Daniel Day-Lewis) who heads to a small-town in California not long after the turn of the century to strike it rich in the oil game.

Along the way, he deals with raising his adopted son and tiny business partner H.W., and his newfound nemesis, young preacher Eli Sunday (Paul Dano). Daniel occasionally struggles with his inner demons but ultimately rejects any sort of reformation because he simply DGAF.

Obviously, I am simplifying things here, but the film won DDL an Oscar, and I feel it was one of the top-10 greatest movies of the aughts. So, you know, watch it if you haven't or I'll just consider you to be a bastard from a basket. I'll wait here.

OK, so now that you've seen the movie, you're probably thinking, Hannah, this is a website about beauty. Where the hell does a movie about oil and greed fit in? And to that I say, "Good question!" because truly, the ties here are a little ... iffy.

My brain works a bit strangely. I'm a very visual person and on certain occasions, slightly unexpected things inspire me. But I believe if something is a beautiful work of art to begin with, it can spawn many beautiful little babies, including hair and makeup looks. So that's why we're here, now, in this article.

The first (yes, there's more than one!) look is inspired by the setting of There Will Be Blood, California between 1902 and 1927. Hot, stuffy desert air and sunburnt sepia tones. It's also sprawling earth full of money-making oil and small, semi-pathetic farms.

Therefore, look one is dubbed Smalltown Farmgirl Looking To Bag An Oilman (I know, it's a mouthful).

This means: bronzed, long-days-in-the-sun, freckled, matte skin; fuzzy, messy, braided-crown hair, and black-gold eyes. 'Cause she's got oil and love and men on her mind. Ya dig?

To give the effect of skin belonging to a girl who has never heard of SPF, I dusted my entire face with a big kabuki brush loaded with Yves Saint Laurent Terre Saharienne Bronzing Powder. This stuff gives the perfect shade of desert sun-flushed skin.

To make it realistic, I focused it on my nose and temples particularly, areas where the sun naturally hits. I also already have a bunch of freckles that show up every summer despite the fact that I load up on sunscreen every day, throughout the day. Curse you, Scottish genes. But at least in this scenario, the freckles serve a purpose.

I wanted my eyes to reflect the slang term for oil: "black gold." I began with a base of kohl, Yves Rocher Creamy Kohl, which has a pointed tip for precise application, and I smudged all over my upper lid and along the lower lash line. To give it the slick effect, I tapped on Rosebud Salve with my ring finger, and then again continued to layer the kohl over top until it had the thick, gooey look of oil.

For the shimmery gold effect, I used Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow, which is a new formulation of their regular eyeshadow with a supremely glittery effect. Applied dry or without primer, it has a soft sheen, but applied wet or with primer, it goes on like liquefied diamonds. Dreamy.

The shade I used was Diamond Dog (shoutout to Bowie), which is described as a "deep brown with white-gold sparkle." I used a small shadow brush to press it into the sticky Rosebud Salve-and-kohl base.

Finally, my hair was more about practicality than prettiness. A crown braid began above one ear and messily carried over to the next, secured with a few bobby pins and knotted in a bun at the back.

I spritzed in some Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, and used my fingertips to fuss with the braid to give it a frazzled, frizzy, disheveled appearance.

Next up is the look I dub Oilman. Or rather, Oilwoman. There Will Be Blood has no lack of complex, challenging male characters. But when it comes to women, well ... there's a bit to be desired. So I thought I'd go for a look that was a modern-day, feminized version of Daniel Plainview. Basically, if Daniel were a woman in 2013, he/she'd be a bad bitch with an impeccable look that would scare all humans shitless.

The concept was a clean face, save for well-sculpted brows and glossy, oily black lips (because I'm hungry for power and OIL). I just did my regular brow-filling-in routine using my good old Clarins palette. Then, for the lips I began by lining them with a sharpened black eyeliner pencil (any old one will do) and filled that shape in. Next came an application of OCC Lip Tar in Tarred, which is pure black glossy goodness.

I wanted my hair to be slightly androgynous and "powerful" so I combed it back with a wet comb and then warmed a bit of Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense between my palms before smoothing it over my hair. Oil-slicked hair! Sexy! Apt!

To take off all the heavy makeup from both of these looks, I employed the wonderful cleaning powers of OIIIIIIL. Not like, actual oil (duh), but cleansing oil. Specifically, The Body Shop's Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil, which breaks down mascara and heavily pigmented lip colour like a charm.