Nauseatingly Cute Beauty Ideas That You Probably Haven't Tried Yet

Glitter cheeks, two-tone lips, and cat ear headbands just because? Yes, please!

I'm constantly whining about how bored I am of the constant repetition in chain stores everywhere I go, and even the insane number of options on the internet seem to appeal to me only on rare occasions. Of course I find items I love in small boutiques and from my favourite go-to brand Sretsis, but they're almost always out of my budget and/or sold out of my size.

But finally I've found a website where I will happily send all my earnings henceforth: The WhitePepper. I don't really know how I've survived so long on this earth without any knowledge of them.

Not only is their clothing all-around wonderful (big, loose doll-style dresses, glitter tights, PURSES SHAPED LIKE PONIES), but their creative work is impressive, too. Shortly after buying my first WhitePepper dress (worn in these pictures because I really, seriously don't ever want to take it off), I started scanning through their look books and found myself quietly remarking to no one in particular "I NEED TO PIN ALL OF THIS RIGHT NOW."

Seriously, look at this cuteness:

The best part? The beauty looks encapsulate everything I think is good and important in this world. I truly thought I was the only one who associated pompoms, glitter, and pink with winter and holidays (the season of dark red and green blech).

Clearly I had no choice but to scoop up this pastel magic winter look and tutorialize it for you fine folks.


In the winter look book, the model's hair in the photos is simple and middle-parted, but she utilizes a variety of adorable accessories, including a pompom crown, part hat, and my personal favourite, some luxe cat ears.

I clearly went with the last option, because I have so many pairs of cat ears kicking around that I just never seem to get a chance to wear.

I middle-parted my hair, smoothed it over with some Living Proof Satin Hair Serum (I received a sample at Sephora and have been very carefully using a few drops a day). Then I topped it off with my favourite pair of cat ears, a birthday gift made for me by someone who clearly knows and understands me very well.


The eyes are simple and understated compared to some of the other focal points on the model's face. I used Urban Decay's shimmery eyeshadow in Vanilla all the way up to my brows, then added a layer of SWF close to my lashes.

Then, I drew a thin cat eye with Stila liquid liner, and shaded my lower lash line with Urban Decay's Glide-On Eye Pencil in Underground, a perfect brown accenting shade.

I topped it all off with a touch of mascara.

The skin in these photos is even-toned and radiant. I always avoid putting makeup on my skin as much as possible, so I just used some of Benefit's Boi-ing concealer (my go-to) on my blemishes and under my eyes. If you're a powder and foundation kind of girl, do it up!

The most important part of the skin is the stupidly adorable sparkle cheek. Instead of having the blush swoop upwards following the line of the cheekbones like normal everyday people, the WhitePepper visionaries have applied the blush in a horizontal line under each eye, parallel to the bridge of the model's nose, and then topped off the peachy colour they used with a heavy topping of sparkles. Pure. Brilliance.

To duplicate this look, I used Sephora's Glittering Eye Duo and my favourite NARS blush, Super Orgasm.

I used the base coat that comes in the Sephora glitter duo to make a strong holding base area for the blush, then I layered on "Super Orgasm" in a horizontal line following where I had made the foundation.

Finally, I dipped my blush brush into the Sephora glitter (I chose the iridescent colour) and went over the pink blush with it. The result? Glitter cheek amazingness.

My glitter cheeks turned out a bit blue as a result of the iridescent nature of my glitter, so for something more pink, try Lime Crime Zodiac Glitter in Aries instead.

A subtle glossy two-tone, these lips were made to complement pastel dresses and shiny horse shaped purses (FYI I just ordered one and I am SO excited).

To achieve this double-pink lip loveliness, I used a lip brush to fill in the center portion of my lips with Anna Sui's Rouge M lipstick, and then covered the entirety of my lips with a thick layer of Original Rosebud Salve. The two-toned result is almost not visible, but that’s what we’re going for here.

Do you like this look? Feeling eager to follow the above steps and help me build a gigantic WhitePepper army? We could all don glitter tights and cat ears!