The Great International xoVain Beauty Swap: Alle Edition

Faz sent me a bunch of mysterious beauty products from Singapore, and I made an awesome video about it.

You know how sometimes you meet a person and right away you recognise them as a kindred spirit?

That’s how I feel about Faz. Her honest and beautiful writing, willingness to try anything (even eating spiders) and all-around coolness made me her biggest fan long before I started writing for xoVain. And when she told me that she liked my articles? I about died. Her good opinion is totally worth having.

Plus, she's all about Mean Girls and pink and loud fashion. We also both have shiny hair that frequently upstages us. We were clearly destined to be super friends.


A while ago, Faz wrote about the best pink lipsticks for brown girls, and because I can’t resist giving unsolicited advice, I chimed in with this:

Which turned into this:

Thus, the Alle and Faz Great International Beauty Swap was born!

When we aren't tweeting sweet nothings at each other…

...We were getting really excited about our impending beauty swap. And also ice-cream-print dresses, because obviously.

Initially, we were just going to do this for fun, but then we were like “Hang on a second--we are BEAUTY WRITERS. Surely we can turn our mutual girlcrush and love of presents into an xoVain story! Let’s email Marci!”

So we started blowing up Marci’s inbox. At two in the morning. Did we also mention that we have a really cool boss who was like, “You guys are adorable,” instead of getting mad about that?

Then followed a month's worth of MAD planning and scheming, as we figured out the best things to send to one another that wouldn't land us in Post Office Jail. And then last week...after THE LONGEST WAIT IN HISTORY...our packages arrived.

I freaked out when mine showed up on my doorstep--so did the mailman, who was like "This is from...Singapore? Wow!"--because Faz has been tweeting and instagramming cryptic hints about it for AGES. And if there's one thing that drives me bonkers, it's mysteries.

So I made a video for you guys of me opening up the package. I guess it's a bit like a "haul video," if I'd been shopping while I was asleep or blindfolded and had no idea what I'd bought, only better in basically every way. Also starring: Excitement! Accidental Star Trek jokes! A lot of necklaces! And my dog makes several surprise appearances, which is always cute.

Also, please don't worry! My fingers are mostly fine!

Because I filmed that on my laptop--I don't yet have a camera with superawesome video capacities--and it's hard to get a good look at everything, here are some pictures of the lovelies that Faz sent, along with what I think everything is.

I'm not sure where I put the soaps, though, which is why they aren't in any pictures. Maybe Oliver hid them. It wouldn't be the first time.

I can't WAIT to try out all this awesome stuff! I promise I'll write about how I like it all very soon.

And keep your eyes peeled for Faz's video. I know it's going to be fantastic.